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Thread: Crash of Ventura AE944, RCAF Station, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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    Default Crash of Ventura AE944, RCAF Station, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

    18 January 1943 Ventura Mk.II AE944 (attached to No.34 OTU Pennfield Ridge) crashed at RCAF Station Yarmouth @ 1950 hours. According to the Daily Diary for No.34 OTU: "On landing at Yarmouth at 1950 GMT, from a training flight, Ventura 11, AE944, pilot - R127499 Sgt. Solheim, W.A. a pupil of No.6 Course, overshot the runway and ran into a snow bank causing the starboard undercarriage to collapse...The accident is attributed to the pilot's error."*

    Looking for the names of any additional personnel who may have been aboard this A/C, in particular T.J.A. Evans. Evans recalls a crash around New Year's Day 1943 with Bill Solheim but his recollection does not quite fit this report.

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