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Thread: Sgt Donald Harvin Cochrane DFM

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    Default Sgt Donald Harvin Cochrane DFM


    Does anyone have anything on Sgt Donald Harvin Cochrane DFM ?

    He died March 11, 2010 and an article was publish in The Times: ing_Medal_has_died/

    "In 1941, when he was 15, he joined the RAF alongside his friend Colin, both claiming they were 18.
    On the night of March 22, 1944, when flying to Frankfurt in Germany, his plane was attacked by an enemy fighter and hit by both cannon and machine gun fire. Wireless operator Sergeant Cochrane put out a fire with his hands and saved the lives of three gunners, two of whom he gave his own oxygen to."

    I have looked in the London Gazette for the citation, but was not able to find it. :(
    Apparently he gets a mention in Peter Firkins' book Strike and Return, but I don't have a copy.

    Can anyone help with more details?

    Many thanks
    Researching the raid on Frankfurt March 22, 1944.

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    I posted a copy of his citation over on my forum when that obit first appeared:

    If you don't want to join then PM me your email and I'll send you the attachment

    RAF Armoured Car Companies 1920-45

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