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Thread: Flying home at the end of the war?

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    Default Flying home at the end of the war?

    Hello again! I just wondered whether anyone might be able to shed some light whether many RAF servicemen travelled home from India at the war's end by aeroplane rather than by troopship? My grandfather definitely travelled out to India in one of the big 'Winston'e Specials' convoys (in 1943), but his return home is a bit less clear. Amongst his paperwork there is a stamp from Worli (which I presume to be the transit camp near Bombay) dated December 1945, and he also seems to have arrived home at RAF Bourn in January 1946. Was this common? With the huge numbers of men still in the Far East, I always assumed they would have just been sent home by ship, but perhaps this wasn't the case? Anything that anyone might be able to tell me would be very much appreciated.
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    I am researching a small number of Danes who served in India/Burma during 1942-45. One of these, a Flight Sergeant, later told that he travelled home by aeroplane in June 1945. He also told that this was quite extraordinary, at least for a NCO.

    Britain's Victory, Denmark's Freedom. Danish Volunteers in Allied Air Forces During the Second World War - a resource on Danish aircrew during the Second World War

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