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Thread: 102 Sqn Whitleys over Belgium Sept '39

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    Default 102 Sqn Whitleys over Belgium Sept '39


    On 8th September 1939 a number of Whitleys from 102 Sqn strayed over into Belgian air space. Aircraft from 4 and 5 Escadrilles from Flight Regiment 2 took off to pursue. A gunner on board one of the Whitleys opened fire on the Faiey Firefly flown by Daniel Leroy du Vivier. The Firefly was hit and du Vivier carried out a forced landing.

    A Fairey Fox was also hit by the gunner aboard Flt Lt Connell's Whitley, K8951. The Fox was hit in the tail and fuselage and set on fire. The crew baled out. The Whitley was hit by return fire and came down near Lognes, France.

    Would anyone know the names of the gunners involved in this combat?


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