Hi all,

I would like to thank all the users and admins of RAF Commands Forum for their kind help and willingness during the last year.

This topic only wants to advise you about the final fulfillment of my efforts, after the discovery of an unknown and misterious plane wreck on Monte Voghel (2.925 meters), at about 2800 meters on the sea level, on a fascinating group of three high summits called the Dame di Challand or Ladies of Challand, Valle d'Aosta, Western Alps.
In spite of the current crisis, one of the oldest Italian publishing houses (and probably the most interested in aviation history and archaeology) decided to publish my "tale". Of course, it is only in Italian, while the appendix shows all the original English and German documents.
The title, Operation Pointblank. Bombardamenti alleati nel Nord-Ovest, could be translated in Operation Pointblank. Allied bombings on the North-West.
Here the direct link to the publisher's website, while I cannot show its cover here (not able to send attached files). Instead, here you will also find a very short panoramic vue from the crash site - well, quite under the crash point.



Thank you again for all your kind interest and collaboration during this long and hard research, a fascinating survey able to start from the Western Alps to reach Australia, United Kingdom, France and Germany, United States and Tunisia.
With my best regards,