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    Default WWII - casualties ex Prince of Wales School, Nairobi, Kenya

    I am currently compiling a list of WWII casualties from my old school 'The Prince of Wales School', Nairobi, Kenya

    At present I have 43 of which 24 were RAF (oddly no RN personnel so far) and would appreciate any help /info that might be available re these 24 (and any others that you might know of)

    My primary info sources so far gave been the Impala Magazine (school magazine 1939-46) and then the CWGC

    Names so far

    Baillie WEG 223 Sqdn Sgt/AG 700739 kia 15/10/1943 buried Cassino

    Basso VD 43 Sqdn Sgt 700911 kia 03/01/1945 buried Faenza

    Brettell WAM 98 Sqdn Sgt/pilot 791198 kia 23/06/1943 buried Eastham UK

    Cameron RD 5 Sqdn F/Sgt 776154 kia?18/05/1942 Singapore Memorial

    Cattell EA 146 Sqdn F/Sgt/pilot700912 kia 17/03/1945 buried Imphal

    Cowen GB-DFM ? sgt/pilot 776058 kia 04/01/1942 buried Cirencester

    Davidson MS 42 Sqdn P/O pilot 65981 kia 21/03/1942 buried Darlington

    Dyer MRC ? P/O pilot 84992 kia 27/03/1941 buried Keren, Eritrea

    Finch AJH-DFC 217Sqdn F/Lt 39937 mia 12/02/1942 Runnymede Memorial

    Harries JA 55Sqdn F/Lt 33468 mia 01/10/1941 Alamain Memorial

    Helberg F ? LAC 776096 kia 16/06/1941 buried Ismailia, Egypt

    Kettles-Roy P 58Sqdn P/O/pilot 174614 kia 8/04/1944 buried Meharicourt France

    Macgregor RB Bob 77 P/O/pilot 41856 kia 15/08/1940 buried Fawley UK

    Mason SL training Rhodesia 700712 28/05/1942 buried Gwelo, Rhodesia

    Mathias MN 112 Sqdn F/Lt pilot 119867 kia 02/04/1945 buried Klagenfurt Austria

    MONTAGUE CSB - DFC no other info

    MULCAHY-MORGAN JA no other info

    Pelling G 55 Sqdn F/Lt 85004 mia 13/12/1941 Alamein Memorial

    Rawlins E no further info

    Weekes NL 207 Sqdn F/O pilot 173310 kia 19/07/1944 buried Margny , France

    White DC 61 Sqdn F/O Nav 133725 kia 26/11/1943 buried Sage, Germany

    Whittenbury J 640Sqdn Sgt 11805467 mia 8/04/1945 Runnymede Memorial

    Wood JM no further info

    Wynne OW LAC 1800503 kia 19/09/1942 INNISFAIL CEMETERY, Alberta, Canada

    Any input welcome

    PZULBA - Out of Africa (Retired)
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