we are a group of scuba divers and last year we found the wreck of a Me 109 G6 under the sea level, in front of the coast of Montalto di Castro - Tarquinia (Central Italy). Itís possible that this is the aircraft Werknummer 162739 (piloted by H.J. Kautz, 3. / JG 77) shot down on 5/15/1944.
We certainly know that the plane was shot down by Spitfires, and we are looking for this RAF pilot, in order to reconstruct the history of those two pilots.
We have a list of RAF pilots who shot down Me 109 in Italy on May 15, 1944 :
Claims by RAF on 15 May 1944 in Italy:

154 Squadron:
W/Cdr.A D J Lovell - Bf109
F/Sgt. B J Doyle - Bf109

92 Squadron:
F/O. L J Montgomerie - Bf109
Cap. J E Casson SAAF - Bf109 Damaged

We would like to know if you can have reports of military operations executed on May 15 from these pilots. If any of these reports it appears that a Me 109 crashed into the sea, we would find the author of the shot down.
Can anyone help us?
Thanks in advance!