Hello.....As a newbie to the forum I have had a quick glance through and noticed a number of members that are perhaps on other similar sites and so hope not to bore too many people ... my main interest is WWII Bomber Command and in particular Nos 1 and 5 group squadrons ... my opening post is like so many others looking for some info from any of the above squadrons ORBs on the career of Flt/Lt Edward W Judges RAFVR.
I have some scant details of his pilot training in USA at 1BFTS Terrell on course 13 which ended in May 1943. I have been told that he served at RAF Hemswell at some time and family believe he was shot down/crashlanded sometime towards the end of war but I can find no more out than this ... does not seem to be in Chorley for 1945 in either 150 or 170 squadrons... I even have a feeling that he was a 5 group man because of some of the other paperwork that I have seen.
I have his LG Gazette promotions asfar as Flt/Lt in 1946 and family info has him spending up to three years in hospital suffering with head and leg injuries .. if any Group 5 ORB holders outthere can have a quick scan from around Sept 1943 - April 45 that would be great .. I have paperwork to suggest he went to a Group 5 squadron ... but the family seem to think he was stationed at RAF Hemswell at some point (Ted made a comment once about one of the rooms when visiting the Antique Centre sometime in the 1990's). This base housed Group 1(150/170) sqdns ... but this was not untill Oct/Nov 1944 when N/o 1 LFS disbanded... which ought to be well after his operational tour if he started around Nov 1943 ... so he could have been injured as a result of a training accident ... but again I can find nothing in Chorley ... just hoping the name rings a bell with someone.

If any members are ex 101 Squadron from WWII to current and are not members of the 101 Squadron Association and would like any further info then please conntact me for details.

Thanks and a merry new year.