Some years back I did some research and obtained the Aircraft loss report for RAF Stirling BK646. this was drawn from reports from surviving crew members who evaded capture.

I'm now interested in an RAF Boston fighter AW398 which was shot down over France in 1942. Only one crew member survived and he was taken prisoner.

I'm a bit rusty but I assume likely useful records about the circumstances of the loss are :

the Squadron ORB

the PoW reports held at the National Archive . Previously I obtained the PoW reports for the surviving crew members, which also adds their full names and place of birth, even occupation. Currently all I have is Sgt J.E. Millard s/no 1191177

But were there equivalent fighter records to the loss reports from bomber command. i.e a crew members account of the circumstances of the loss of the aircraft ? Would these have been completed post-war, assuming the only crew member was captured ?

I have had a browse around the national archive web site but it's hard to find reports about the loss of specific aircraft

many thanks