hi lads
here,s a poser lets see if you can clear this up

on 5 april 45 a lanc (HK 655 BS-F) of 1651 HCU RAF Woolfox Lodge
on attempting to land at RAF Fiskerton suffered engine failure on finals and crashed
the lanc hit a building nose first which caused the lanc to be thrown on its back killing all the crew bar one (the rear gunner)
crew were
F/o BJ Walls
Sgt WG Cooley
F/Sgt GA Flindell
Sgt HJ Allen
F/o GA Outterson
F/Sgt RLT Knight
Sgt HA Johnsone
Sgt HA Lunt(rear gunner)
F/L FE Sheppard DFC was the instructer
My uncle les brown and his enginner were walking along the peri track at the time and had to throw themselfs on the ground as the lanc flew over then at less than 50 ft
les was one of the funeral party detail taking the dead crew to lincoln rail station
he recalls that there was a WAAF found in the lanc possibly on a sight seeing trip
D Fell of 103/576 sqn Website cannot confirm this WAAF,s presence ,les is quite sure of her presence on the lanc
SO--- has anyone access to the WAF casualty list from the war
ive put his details on WWW>fiskertonairfield.org.uk
his pilot was bill Holmes
les got to Flt/lt in india (acting Sqn ldr)in 46
he resigned his commision to get married