(Top)"K3922 taking a rest at Kohat - Jan 1942"
Hawker Hart K3922 – on its back! The aircraft's history is in the lower panel.
(Bottom)"Time to rise at Kohat - Jan 1942"
The same aircraft now being raised upright by the ground crew. K3922 was the second of the pair of Hart (India) a/c delivered in Oct 1934 by Hawkers Kingston . Deld to PD 30.10.34; AD Drigh Rd 3.12.34; fitted with extended exhaust; 39 Sqn;

1 SFTS(I); Later with 1 ATU, swung on landing and overturned Bairagarh 14.7.42; 1 AGS(I); SOC 30.11.43.

The circumstances behind this particular aircraft are unknown.

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