Corporal R R K Bacon (1013434)

Roma Mairoudis had contributed several photographs from her father’s collection . Her father, Corporal R R K Bacon, served as a Fitter II Airframe in SEAC from April 1942 to March 1946. He was posted to No.194 Squadron “The Flying Firm” operating Dakotas.

RRK Bacon

The photographs feature various aircraft, ephemera, local landmarks as well as photos of airmen.  View the photos below or click

Dakota-194Sqn   Dakotas-194Sqn  Friendly Firm NoseArt  Hudson  Hudson Cockpit  Hudsons-Hangar  Hurricane BN780 Salvage01  Hurricane BN780 Salvage02  Hurricane BN780 Salvage03  Hurricane BN780 Salvage04  Mosquito-RF653  Wellington 


Group Photos01  Group Photos02  Indian-Policemen01  Indian-Policemen02  RRK Bacon41  RRK Bacon42  RRK Bacon43  RRK Bacon44  RRK Bacon45  RRK Bacon46 


Ephemera-Letter  Ephemera-Surrender-Pamphlet  Ephemera-Surrender Pamphlet 2  Ephemera Menu194 01   Ephemera Menu194 02  Ephemera Menu194 03  Ephemera Menu194 05  Ephemera Menu194 04  RRK Bacon PermanentPass  RRK Bacon AIR78 


LandMarks Scenes01  LandMarks Scenes03  LandMarks Scenes02  RRK Bacon 

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