Flt Lt A G Stretch DFM – Photos


These seven photographs come from the collection of John Stretch. John’s father, Flt Lt A G Stretch DFM, who was the Wing Engineering Leader on Sunderlands at Seletar. These photos were in an envelope amongst a lot of photos of the family, mainly taken in Singapore during 1952 and 1953 at Seletar with 88, 205 and 209 squadrons,

A G Stretch had joined up in 1939 as an AC2 and after a short time as a ground mechanic in Bomber Command, and, because there was a long waiting list to be trained as a pilot, he became a flight engineer on Lancasters, 49 squadron and then 83 squadron. After the war, he flew on the Berlin Airlift and later was posted to Singapore. In 1954 he was grounded . He left the RAF and joined de Havilland and then BEA/BOAC. He retired to Bourne, Lincs and died in 2004

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