Flt Sgt Ray Whitehouse’s (261 Squadron) Logbook

A visitor to our site, Sue Hendrie ,  recognised her father in the photo album of Cpl Kennedy . Her father Flt Sgt Ray Whitehouse can be seen in the below photo of pilots from 261 Squadron, sitting top left.


Sue sent us a few photos of her father’s logbook – covering P-47 Thunderbolt Operations in Burma.  These pages and photos can be accessed in the album below:

Flt Sgt Ray Whitehouse

Flt Sgt Ray Whitehouse

Sue Notes:
I am hoping to scan his log book in the not too distant future, lot least because his grandson has now become interested. In the meanwhile, here are a few extracts which I took with my iPad to send to the grandson. The two pages including 28 December 1944 and 2nd January ‘Bombed Monywa Waterfront’ I am pretty sure relate to youtube film uploaded 17 October 2014 by Zoran Petek titled ‘No 261 Squadron RAF, SEAC,
Thunderbolt II in Burma 1944-45’. The other photos are self explanatory  apart from the one with Dad’s new Thunderbolt which he only had for 4 days as the war ended! We were also amused to see that on Christmas Day 1944 he flew a 3 hour 15 mins sortie suffering from a hangover!!!
We have several photo albums capturing all this time abroad but unfortunately Dad mostly wrote on the back of the photos so it is going to take a while to sort this. When back in this country, from 9 August 1947 to July 1952 he flew mostly tiger moths and chipmunks with No. 18 Reserve at Fairoaks, Flying School in Surrey. He wanted to go on to fly fast jets but by that time he was doing aircraft design work with Hawkers and it seems they would not release him.

In addition to the Logbook pages, there is an interesting group photo of 261 Squadron pilots


The names of the pilots from the photo are written on the back