The demise of Shorts Sunderland NJ177

The photos in this album come from a contributor on a facebook group. The fascinating set show the demolition of a Sunderland that was being salvaged – the aircraft’s serial appears to be NJ177 and the location is believed to be Selatar in Singapore.

Unfortunately the original contributor’s post on FB disappeared and i have been unable to trace the owner for proper credits. Please do leave a FB message here if these happen to be your images.

NJ177-04 NJ177-02 NJ177-03 NJ177-01 NJ177-00 NJ177-05 NJ177-06 NJ177-09 NJ177-08 NJ177-07 NJ177-10 NJ177-12 NJ177-13 NJ177-14 NJ177-11

3 thoughts on “The demise of Shorts Sunderland NJ177

  1. Does anyone know the story about a Sunderland striking rocks on the Oubangi river near the town of Bangui border of Central African Repuplic
    and D.R. Congo sometime around 1943/44
    Dad George Oxley Piesse Watson know as Bob mentioned it too but was very young

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