Warrant Officer Ewan Brooking’s Logbook (113 Sqn – SEAC)

Bryan Brooking from Canada has kindly contributed a digital copy of his father’s logbook.

His father , Warrant Officer Ewan Brooking started his war career as an LAC Air Observer in the RNZAF in October 1940.  After flying operations from RNZAF Okhea, he found himself joining No.113 Squadron, RAF, then stationed in the middle east in March 1941. His logbook (Page 7 onwards, show him flying operational missions in the middle east,  till the end of 1941. In January 1942, 113 headed east to stem the Japanese invasion, and Evan Brooking was one of the Blenheim Crews who flew to the Burma front .

Almost immediately on arrival , he was involved in operations. He had a close shave on the night of 26th/27th January 1942, when his Blenheim had to crash land, fully loaded. ( Z6012 ) Though this entry is not there in the logbook, a detailed write up exists in his personal diary which is reproduced in the page for Blenheim Z6012 . Several other missions followed , including one in January 1943 when his Blenheim was attacked by two Japanese Type O1s.

Ewan Brooking returned to New Zealand in 1943 and kept up his operational flying well into late 1944, ending with more than 500 hours on various types.

Warrant Officer Ewan Brooking , Air Observer  – Logbook

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