Gallery: Hawker Audax K5564 crash in NWF, India

1-K5564-AudaxThese photographs of a crashed Audax were acquired via ebay in 2010.  Air Britain’s K file provides its history as follows

PD 30.3.36, AD Drigh Road 28.4.36 for 20 Sqn, 28 Squadron RAF. flew into ground on cross-country flight, Delhi-Ambala, Shahabad. 4.12.36; 

Salvaged and to AD Drigh Road. To 2 Squadron IAF 9.41; 1 Sqn IAF. Engine began to smoke, divied into hill near Rezami 7.11.41. DBF, 2 killed. SOC .3.4.42 1039.10 Hours

28 Squadron ORB does not record any prang for 4-12-1936. The aircraft crashed again in 1941, killing Plt Offr Bhasker Daniel (Gnanamuthu) and Gunner Sohan Singh. In the final accident, the aircraft was described as having stuck a hill and burnt out.

Based on the description – these two photos appear to be from the earlier accident with No.28 Squadron RAF.

2-K5564-Audax  1-K5564-Audax