No.151 Operational Training Unit – an airman’s album

Recently I got a set of photographs purchased from Jim Payne ( . Jim had  procured the album of an RAF airman K D Griffiths who was posted at No.151 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar.  The Album features 24 pages of photographs . Jim had scanned all the album pages, and the photographs (192 individual scans!) and is providing them via DVD through his website.  A few of the photographs can be found in the albums. 

Among the various lovely photographs, one can find a rare shot of the RAF personnel servicing a Chinese air force Waco trainer (which operated as a Flying School at Lahore). And among others…
  Unidentified Type An unidentified type – Griffiths is in the rear cockpit.

Peshawar Aerial view of Peshawar – Jim had scanned this image at very high resolution and in the untouched image, one can make out Vengeances, Spitfires, Hurricanes and twin engined aircraft all parked around the airfield . in the center left of the photograph.

Spitfire XIV SM937 Sptifire XIV SM937 being salvaged after an accident can be seen. This aircraft would later serve with the Indian AIr Force after independence.  Anyone know the circumstances of this accident? Date / Pilot?

More samples can be found at…U-KD-Griffiths (Page 1) and…iffiths?page=2 (Page 2)  Contact Jim at his website incase you are interested to purchase your own copy of all the nearly 200 photographs!