Westland Wapiti K2297 pranged at Razmak

Wapiti K2297

From the Wapiti Files:

Razmak was a treacherous airfield at 5000 feet altitude up a mountain, halfway between Peshawar and Miranshah. It was deeply rutted by flowing waters, and quoted by a pilot as “a pocket handkerchief pasted onto the lower slopes of a mountain”. An aircraft like the Wapiti could only land in one direction – in the upward direction of the slope that ran south to the north. A significant portion of aircraft that attempted landing at Razmak never made the return flight – crashing on the airfield. (A link to the modern day airfield – probably not the same one)

One of the unlucky aircraft is this Westland Wapiti K2297, arrived at Aircraft Depot Drigh Road 12.4.32. With 60 Squadron RAF. Overshot landing and ran into a Nullah at Razmak on 11.5.1938, after flying 803 hours in total.  Photo source unknown . probably seller measthorpe on ebay? (Based on watermark)

In 2014, a photo album was sold on ebay that featured a page with four images of a Wapiti that has crashed at Razmak. It appears to be the same aircraft photographed from different angles. The photo album was of an Armoured Car Regiment and sold for over $210!

Wapitis Accident at Razmak