Wapitis over Iraq

A Selection of seven photographs showing Wapitis of No.30 Squadron over Iraq. These photos originated from the Ebay site. Click on the Image to view the Album

The Westland Wapiti in the Indian Air Force

The first ever book solely devoted to the Westland Wapiti was released yesterday – September 8th at the United Services Institute in India.  “The Westland Wapiti in the Indian Air Force : A Complete History (1933-1943)” covers the history of…

Angels Ten!

Richard B. Gilman, ex WW2 Spitfire Pilot had published his memoirs “ANGELS TEN!”. Richard was born in Vancouver, B.C. in 1922. During World War II he spent six years in the Royal Air Force. While he insists his service, compared with…


by Hugh Halliday Attempts to link an award of a “Mentions in Despatches” to a specific despatch will not likely yield any significant results. Historically (19th Century and some of the interwar “colonial frontier” wars) Despatches filed by Field Commanders…

Martin Arthur Thornhill 1922 ‐ 1944

Jeremy Halliday, cousin of Flt Sgt M A Thornhill, who died in the shooting down of Lancaster ND352 has put together a document that contains details about Martin Thornhill and the correspondence between the Government and his family regarding his loss.…

Group Captain Philip Haynes (29071)

Philip Haynes (29071 RAF) was an RAF Officer who ended up at Drigh Road, Karachi on 1st March 1934. His posting was to be the Flight Commander replacing Flying Officer H P Broad of the newly raised No.1 Squadron, Indian…

Video : Planes of Hindustan (1940)

Planes of Hindustan was one of the earliest World War II documentaries to be made in India and it was the second to be produced by the company Wadia. The film has rare footage of No.1 Squadron (Indian Air Force) from…

Training Aids at a Bomber Operational Training Unit

A list of Training Tools used for Bomber crew Training - in this case from No.152 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar (Vultee Vengeances)

A list of Training Tools used for Bomber crew Training – in this case from No.152 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar (Vultee Vengeances)

A document from the ORB of No.152 Bomber Operational Training Unit gives an insight into the various training aids used by the OTUs of that era. The training tools include:

  1. Polebrook Trainer
  2. Shadow-Graph
  3. Hunt Trainer
  4. Parker Naviscope
  5. Bicester Trainer
  6. Link Trainer
  7. Harwell Boxes

Click the image on the right twice – to see the full sized image to read the details of each of these items

311 Squadron

Pavel Vancata’s latest work – “311 Squadron” was published recently and is now available on the market. Pavel is a senior member of the RAFCommands Forum and has been contributing for many years.. The Book is a comprehensive resource for…