Video : Planes of Hindustan (1940)

Planes of Hindustan was one of the earliest World War II documentaries to be made in India and it was the second to be produced by the company Wadia. The film has rare footage of No.1 Squadron (Indian Air Force) from…

Training Aids at a Bomber Operational Training Unit

A list of Training Tools used for Bomber crew Training - in this case from No.152 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar (Vultee Vengeances)

A list of Training Tools used for Bomber crew Training – in this case from No.152 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar (Vultee Vengeances)

A document from the ORB of No.152 Bomber Operational Training Unit gives an insight into the various training aids used by the OTUs of that era. The training tools include:

  1. Polebrook Trainer
  2. Shadow-Graph
  3. Hunt Trainer
  4. Parker Naviscope
  5. Bicester Trainer
  6. Link Trainer
  7. Harwell Boxes

Click the image on the right twice – to see the full sized image to read the details of each of these items

311 Squadron

Pavel Vancata’s latest work – “311 Squadron” was published recently and is now available on the market. Pavel is a senior member of the RAFCommands Forum and has been contributing for many years.. The Book is a comprehensive resource for…

Royal Air Force Lists

One of the oft-asked questions on the RAFCommands Forum is “I would like to know more about this person. He may have been an officer during the war, but I really have no further details” . Answering questions like this…

Unknown RAF Airman’s Album

I procured this album in 2013. It contains Photographs from an Unknown Airman’s Album who was once posted in India, the interesting photos of the lot include a five photos of aircraft, a couple of photos of Armoured Car and an…

Form 678 – Trade Index Cards

From King’s Regulations and Air Council Instructions, 1942. 2105 – Index Cards 1. In every unit index cards (Forms 678 and 678A) will be kept in respect of every airman borne on the strength of the unit. 2. Form 678…

The travails of a DFC

by Hugh A Halliday The travails of a DFC to F/O Robert Edward Joseph Fitzgerald, RCAF (No.408 Squadron), demonstrates procedure and disagreements. It began as a recommendation by W/C E.R. McLernon drafted 13 September 1944 when he had flown 63…

SAAF Training Organisation

by Ross McNeill Pre war flying training for the SAAF consisted of the Central Flying School assisted by civil schools at Bloemfontein, Randfontein and Baragwanath. After the creation of the Joint Air Training Plan the civil schools were absorbed into…

SAAF Northern Narrative

by Ross McNeill The Suez Canal was vital to maintaining the British ability to support India and the Far East in time of conflict. British and French policy was to share the security of the link by holding territory at…

RAF OR Service Numbers

RFC/RAF SERVICE NUMBERS (Courtesy of Air Force Deaths site) Originally posted by Resmorrah at At least until the 1950s, the service numbers of RFC and RAF personnel indicated the date and manner of joining the service. The RFC numbering…