Analysis of Aircraft Strengths in SEAC

A very interesting chat that I made today to show the aircraft holdings of the RAF within India and Ceylon. The data is based on aircraft summary reports submitted by ACSEA HQ.

While the total aircraft strength just about hit 4000 at its peak (in the available data till end of 1944), it is the Hawker Hurricane that formed the bulk of the aircraft strength. It is interesting to note that nearly 2400 Hurricanes were sent to the far east – and the  Peak strength of the Hurricanes was 1400 at the start of 1944. Over these five years, nearly 1200 of the Hurricanes were lost or written off in accidents.

It seems that Hurricanes and Vengeance together exceeded half the strength of the RAF for a considerable period of time.

You can see by the second graph (100% stacked), that by 1944, just 3 types accounted for nearly 2/3rd of all aircraft holdings. These three types are the Hurricane, Spitfire and Vengeance.

One lesser known aspect was the high number of Beaufighters that seemed to have been sent to the FE, far outnumbering other types like the Blenheim, Wellington, Mosquito or Hudson.

Keeping these charts in mind, the next Aircraft that we should target for our attrition section should be either the Vengeance or the Beaufighter.

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