Image Search in the RAF Serials Database

We have enhanced the search feature in the RAF serials search tool. When searching for a serial and opting to view the listings in individual aircraft list format, you will notice some icons appear before the serial number. The icons indicate if there is a “Loss” record against that aircraft (We are limited only to SEAC losses partially as of now) and if there is an individual image against the aircraft. Click on the Image icon to ‘drill down’ to more details.

Ofcourse, at this point, only a couple of hundred photos are online – 1/100th of a percent! – as against the 250,000+ serials listed in the database. If you are sitting on a massive library of images that you wish to contribute – Upload them to this Google Folder here .  And if you can – do rename the files into  AB123.jpg format.. We will move them in due course to the website!.

Start your search today !


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