Form AM1188 – Forced Landings (Miscellaneous)

by Ross McNeill

This form is not to be confused with RAF Form AM1180 which was Flying Accident Card. AM1188 was used prewar and into 1940 to record the pertinent details of forced landings.

Form 1188 (Forced Landings - Misc)
Form 1188 (Forced Landings – Misc)


File Number
Group and/or Command
Hours flown Solo
Hours flown Dual
Signal Number
764 No
Nature of flight and route
Cause of forced landing

The single sided card omitted boxes from AM1180 that were not relevant to forced landings making statistical analysis an easier manual task.

The example card below is for Battle L4969 of No.63 sqn on 13th Jan 1940

By 1941 use of this card had ceased and details of forced landings were entered on Form AM1180.

Note the lack of boxes for AIB and CofI suggesting that aircraft recorded on Form AM1188 did not need further investigation by these methods.

RAF Museum, Hendon, and AHB microfilm copies of the accident cards contain Form AM1188 and AM1180 so when you ask for a copy or information from the Form 1180 you will be supplied with Form 1188 instead, if one has been raised.

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