No.57 OTU Operational Record Book Hawarden, Flintshire, January-June 1941

© PRO Air 29/683 and transcribed in full by Steve Brew. Abbreviations, words appearing in brackets, and the use of block letters in the text, particularly from 1 April onwards, have been reproduced below as they appear in the original document.

01 January Under the new War Establishments F.C. 163A d/18/12/40, the Permanent Officers were as follows:
Station Headquarters Maintenance Wing Training Section
S/C’dr. G/Cap. H. D. O’Neill AFC O.C.W/C. D. S. Brookes O.C. W/C J. R. Hallings-Pott DSO
Admin. F/O E. C. Davies Adj. P/O. A. C. Groom C.F.I. S/Ldr. J. S. McLean
Adjt. F/Lt. F. M. Weiss, MBE Tech/Adj. P/O J.C. Skelton C.G.I. P/O Griffiths Williams
A/Adjt. P/O C. Stuckey “E”.  F/O Newton Adjt. F/Lt. J. P. Armitage
W/O. H. Cooper Admin. R/T. P/O N. Hutchinson
Signals. F/O. G. Glossop Servicing Squadron Fly. Disc. P/O M. Noel
Defence. F/Lt. B. A. R. Shore “E”.  F/O Wiggins
Defence. P/O M. H. Neill Flight Commanders
Equipment. F/Lt. P. Alderson Cypher Officers A. Flt. F/Lt. S. Baldie
Equipment P/O E. Taylor A/SO. Casey B. Flt. F/Lt. D. Kain
Equipment P/O D. Clarke A/SO. Stiles C. Flt. F/Lt. J. Mathieson
M.O. F/Lt. J. St. C. Polson A/SO. Francis D. Flt. F/Lt. C. Malfroy
M.O. F/O J. Watson
Dental. F/Lt. A. Chamberlain
Armt. F/O. H. C. Flemons
Chaplain S/Ldr. M. Jones
03 January P/O. G. W. R. Ryan posted from Basingborne for duty as Link Trainer Instructor
04 January P/O. L. Jones posted from Acct. Officers’ School for Acct. Duties
06 January 16 Officers and 27 Sergeants of No. 15 Course posted to Squadrons for operational duties
07 January F/O Marchant “Med” posted from K.T.D. Halton
P/O I. S. Morgan posted from St. Athan for Defence Duties
P/O R. D. W. Thompson posted from R.A.F. St. Athan for Defence Duties (Gas)
12 January F/O J. Watson “Med.” posted to R.A.F. Station Kirkwall
P/O R. A. Payne posted from Tangmere as Flying Instructor
16 January A/M Sir E. Ellington visited Station
17 January No. 17 Course (comprising 20 Officers and 33 Sergeants) arrived for Operational Training
26 January P/O. D. S. Clark posted to R.A.F. Station, Crange for Equipment Duties
30 January P/O. M. Noel posted to R.A.F. Station, Sealand for Regional Control Training
31 January In spite of severe adverse weather conditions, accompanied by floods, Instructional flying for the month totalled 612 hours. Weather seriously interfered with construction of runways.
Hours flown during the month, Instructors and Pupils:- 600
01 February P/O. M. W. Noel posted to R.A.F. Stn. Sealand for R.C. training
P/O. C. R. Bennett, A/Adjt. Station, posted to 59 O.T.U.
03 February S/Ldr. A. R. Ankers. To Hawarden from R.A.F. Stn. Sealand (Methodist Chaplain)
09 February S/Ldr. J. H. Hill posted from 55 O.T.U. for duty as C.F.I. vice. S/Ldr. J. S. McLean, to No. 111 Squadron for flying duties
10 February No. 16 Course (comprising 10 Officers & 26 Segts.) posted to Squadrons as Operational Pilots
P/O. E. C. Davies posted to R.A.F. Stn. Loch Erne – Adjutants duties
P/O. A. W. Barnett assumed duties as Station Administrative Officer
P/O. Delaforce posted to Station for Messing duties
Arrival of No. 18 Course, including 1 Officer & 7 Sgts – Australians – trained at Ottawa under Empire Training Scheme, and 2 Officers & 1 Sgt. – trained in Rhodesia under E.A.T.S. (all Rhodesians)
P/O. J. Hurst to Station from No. 1 Signals School for Signals duties
P/O. Smith, Fitness Officer, No. 81 Group, visited Station
16 February A/A. Shell penetrated roof of No. 2 L. Shed on No. 3 Site, damaging roof and aircraft
18 February W/O. Montgomery posted to Station as S.W.O. vice. W/O Cooper who assumed duty with Maintenance Wing
F/Lt. J. R. Cridland & F/Lt. C. E. Malfroy posted to No. 501 Squadron for flying duties
P/O. P. C. Farnes, D.F.M. posted from No. 501 Squadron for flying Instructor duties
21 February P/O. I. J. Clark posted to Station from No. 3 S. of P.T. as P.T. Officer
23 February F/Lt. W. J. Harper posted from No. 17 Squadron for flying Instructor duties
28 February During the month Synthetic training, i.e. Hawarden trainer, became well established under the direction of P/O. N. Hutchinson
Second Link trainer arrived on the 10th instant, and a further two are expected shortly
Hours flown during the month – 1066.50
01 March Guards and Defence of Station taken over by A.M.P.C. from R.W.F. & R.A. (O.C. Major Campbell.)
S/Ldr. J. H. Hill promoted to W/Commander
02 March 938028 Sgt. Mansell killed in flying accident
03 March F/Lt. A. J. Harvey posted from No. 13 Group as Intelligence Officer
05 March W/Cmdr. L. Stubbs, Fighter Command, visited Station
F/Lt. J. St. C. Polson (Medical) posted to R.A.F. Station, Hunsden
08 March F/Lt. H. Meacham posted to 52 O.T.U. for Adjutant duties
10 March F/Lt. W. A. T. Hill (Medical) posted from R.A.F. Stn. Gravesend for S.M.O. duties
No. 17 Course (comprising 16 Officers and 29 Sgts.) posted to Squadrons for operational flying duties
No. 19 Course (including 7 Officers and 9 Sgts.) – Australians – trained at Ottawa under Empire Air Training Scheme, and 4 Officers & 21 Sgts. – Canadians – trained at Calgary – arrived for operational training
17 March 3 Officers (Netherland Indies) Pilots arrived for operational training
Group Captain J. Seward & Group Captain Flemmings visited Station
P/O. C. C. Stuckey, A/Adjt. posted to 59 O.T.U. – Adjutants duties
18 March P/O. R. M. Tate posted to Station from Loughborough as A/Adjt., Station Headquarters
24 March F/Lt. P. Alderson, S.E.O., posted to Air Ministry (D.T.E.)
26 March F/Lt. Crouch, 81 Group, visited Station
28 March A/M. W. S. Douglas, C.B., M.C., D.F.C., C-in C. Fighter Command, and A/C. F. J. Vincent, A.F.C., 81 Group, visited Station
Central R.A.F. Band, Uxbridge, visited Station, and gave a very enjoyable concert
29-31 March [Pages missing]
01 April Flying Officer A. BUCHAN (Medical) posted from HALTON for medical duties
03 April Flying Officer N. STEPHEN (Medical) posted to Duxford
07 April No. 3 Delivery Flight formed at HAWARDEN under command of F/Lt. H. L. NORTH
09 April R.60228 Sgt. R. BURTON killed in a flying accident whilst on a training flight
10 April Squadron Leader F. B. R. BURTON posted to Training Wing from 5 F.T.S. for duty as C.F.I.
11 April Flight Lieutenant S. H. LATHAM posted from YATESBURY for Equipment duties
21 April No. 18 Course (comprising 4 Polish Officers, one Polish Sergeant, 6 Officers and 5 Sergeants Rhodesian trained, 4 Officers and 13 Sergeants Canadian trained and 4 Sergeants English trained) posted to Squadrons for operational duties
23 April No. 20 Course commenced, comprising 8 Officers and 23 Sergeants from 9 F.T.S., 4 Officers and 11 Sergeants Canadian trained. Of these 1 Officer and 11 Sergeants were Australians
27 April A.S.O. Gilthorpe (WAAF) posted from KINLOSS for code and cypher duties
28 April Wing Commander J. H. HILL posted to EXETER to command
Squadron Leader ANGIER and Wing Commander ROBINSON of Headquarters, No. 81 Group visited the Station
29 April Funeral of P/O J. BROWNE held at Hawarden Church Cemetery. Relatives attended
30 April Pilot Officer D. W. HARRIS posted from No. 58 O.T.U. for Defence duties
A.S.O. STILES posted to H.Q. No. 14 Group
Flying hours for the month of April 2083 hours
03 May Group Captain CARTER, Headquarters No. 81 Group visited the Station
04 May Detached Flights at SPEKE returned to this Station
05 May No. 19 Course pupils, 12 Officers and 28 Sergeants posted to Squadrons as operational pilots
15 May An Air Firing Flight was formed to give pupils adequate Air Firing and Cine-camera gun practice
16 May A.S.O. A.C. Francis (WAAF) posted to UPWOOD for cose and cypher duties
18 May F/Lt. PEGGE posted from 610 Squadron for duty as flying instructor
26 May Pilot Officer J. T. BROWN killed in a flying accident at DOLWYDDELLAN, CAERNARVON, whilst undergoing operational training
F/Lt. D. KAIN posted to No. 122 Squadron
P/O. A. S. LINNEY posted to 145 Squadron
28 May F/Lt. D. CARLSON posted to 74 Squadron
30 May Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir E. L. ELLINGTON, G.C.B., C.M.G., C.B.E., visited the Station
P/O. K. C. GUNDRY posted from 145 Squadron for duty as flying instructor
Flying times for the month 2625 hours
02 June A.S.O. G. M. WALKDEN (WAAF) posted from H.Q. No. 81 Group for code and cypher duties
03 June P/O. D. W. HARRIS posted to LISBURN for Defence Duties
05 June Detached Flights at SEALAND moved to WREXHAM
06 June F/Lt. J. C. FREEBORN D.F.C. posted from 74 Squadron for duty as flying instructor
07 June F/Lt. GREENWAY posted from Headquarters 81 Group for duty as Intelligence Officer
08 June F/Lt. HARVEY (Intelligence Officer) posted to Headquarters 9 Group, PRESTON
09 June No. 22 course, comprising 24 Officers and 23 Sergeants arrived for operational training
6 Officers and 24 Sergeants ex No. 20 course posted to Squadrons as operational pilots
F/Lt. BRETT and F/O. AYERST posted to No. 11 Group
F/Lt. WATKINS posted from 611 Squadron, and F/O. MITCHELL from 266 Squadron for duty as flying instructors
12 June F/Lt. JACKMAN posted from No. 1 Squadron as flying instructor
P/O. M. W. DELAFORCE posted to No. 60 OTU for Messing duties
Group Captain WILLIAMSON visited the Station
13 June Wing Commanders SPATE and GILLON (Air Ministry) visited the Station
F/O. J. BOARDMAN posted from HALTON for medical duties
16 June 1003992 Sgt. YOUNG, A. J., killed in a flying accident at WREXHAM whilst on operational training
Air Commodore F. J. VINCENT, A.O.C. No. 81 Group visited the Station
17 June Air Commodore LAWSON of H.Q.F.C. visited the Station
J.4906 P/O. G. R. CUSHON crashed into hangar whilst taking off and was killed
18 June Maintenence Wing Headquarters moved into new building
Wing Commander SPENCER, Senior Admin. Officer, Headquarters No. 81 Group visited the Station
20 June F/O. A. BUCHAN posted to No. 501 Squadron
26 June Air Commodore F. J. VINCENT, A.O.C. 81 Group visited the Station
Training Liaison visit by Squadron Leader R. W. JACKSON in connection with a scheme to include regular visits to this Unit (as part of training) by non-commissioned officers passing out from Technical Instructor’s course, COSFORD
28 June P/O. R. W. GARDINER posted from UXBRIDGE as Catering Officer
29 June A.S.O. B. M. HARRISON (WAAF) posted from No. 1 W.A.A.F. Depot, for code and cypher duties
30 June A.S.O. J. P. GILTHORPE (WAAF) posted to H.Q. No. 20 Group for code and cypher duties
P/O. E. J. THOMPSON posted to this Station on transfer from Royal Artillery, for defence duties
8 Officers and 30 Sergeants of No. 21 Course posted to Squadrons as operational pilots [Note that whilst the ORB records the departure of the pilots of No. 21 Course, it erroneously fails to mention the course’s commencement; this should have appeared in the ORB around the middle of May – SB]
MEDICAL. General health has been satisfactory during the month, but hay fever is prevalent. Naso-pharyngitis and Eustachian Catarrhal conditions are high.
Flying times for the month 2850 hours


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