War Establishment of a Hurricane Squadron

Ever wondered what was the Unit establishment of a Hurricane Squadron? How many pilots, Sgt Pilots, airmen, mechanics, warrant offices, fitters, armourers etc was it authorised? or how many Dhobis, Cooks, Sweepers and Mess Waiters it had on strength (only in the far east!).  Or how many Motorcycles, trucks, vans and other vehicles it was authorized?Stop Wondering – here is the official “Unit Establishment of a Hurricane Squadron” in the far east.


  • A total of 294 combatant personnel in a Squadron
  • Non Combatant (Enrolled) are 51 (The Dhobis, Cooks, Waiters etc)
  • 14 Officer Pilots and 13 NCO Pilots
  • 16 Hurricanes!

Unit-IE-01Page 1 : Summary, Administrative and Operational Echelons
Unit-IE-02Page 2 : Servicing Echelon, Non Combatant Enrolled and Equipment/Vehicles
Unit-IE-03Unit-IE-04Page 3 and 4 – Deletions in case of posting out of India.