New Sub-forums on the RAFCommands Forum

Over the coming few day,  there will be a few changes on the RAFCommands Forum – mostly introduction of new sub-forums and clean up of existing forums. Today most of the threads are concentrated in two sections “General Categories” and “Useful Books and Research Materials” . Today we are adding two new sub-forums to the mix.

Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project

The first sub-forum is the “Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project” forum. This is created to archive the work of Henk Welting who pioneered the effort to provide background to air personnel of the RAF who were killed during the war and details of their death not recorded in any public source.  Henk passed away in July 2012 but his work is kept alive by forum members. Alex Smart had started continuing Henk’s threads in the recent months.

It was felt that perhaps archiving Henks thread in a seperate forum would help easy search and encourage more posters. In consultation with other forum moderators and with Alex Smart, who is continuing Henk’s work, the new forum has been created.

The forum has threads that were either replied back an year old or those created by Henk – and are organised by sub-forums based on years. Most of the recent threads created by Alex are still in the General Category Forum. And they will be created in General Category Forum going forward .  Every six months, we will move the older threads to the subforums for easier archiving, searching and reading. The subforums will have full features of the General Category Forum. and members can reply back and add new information when they want to. I have also moved some threads related to Henk into the Sub Forum so that people will get to know who Henk was and what work he did.

South East Asia Command (SEAC) – India, Burma & Far East

The second sub-forum added is the SEAC Forum – for discussions on the activities of RAF and Commonwealth airforces in the far east and in the Indian sub-continent.  The SEAC sector is relatively an under researched area which is not the primary focus of many researchers. There has been no specific forum focusing on SEAC matters on the internet related to the RAF. This forum attempts to fill the void.