Site and Forum Issues.

The past couple of weeks, Users have been observing the forum to be operating very slowly. This has been identified as an issue with the MySQL Server with the host.  While the host was attempting to fix it, they had a site failure that caused the site to go down.

Currently the site is up and functional with the exception of the forum which is running either slow or not showing up at all.  The technical reason for this is known. but the fix has to be made.

So while all the sections of the site are running well – they are pointed to a new instance of the DB, the forum is still pointed to the old due to its size. and migrating it to a new instance will take time.  The webhost provider has been asked to fix the speed issues with the old server.

It could also happen that in the process of moving from old to new server, the Forum may be unavailable for extended periods (think 8-12 hours of downtime).  For this inconvenience we apologize. but ultimately we will get around to fixing the issue