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If you look at the top right portion of the “Research Section” above on the home page, you will notice that the SEAC Aircraft Losses link is active.

This new section on the website – covers the Harvard and Hurricane Losses in the SEAC – in erstwhile India, Ceylon and Burma. The section is an evolution of the various aircraft losses databases that were hosted on some of my other websites – Warbirds of India and which hosted information on Indian Air Force WW2 losses. The section on this website includes all RAF aircraft.

Current Status:

Aircraft Name

Aircraft Name Nos
Blenheim I 240
Harvard IIb 127
Hurricane II 1230
Liberator II 161
Mohawk IV 60
Spitfire PR.IV 593
Thunderbolt I 257
Vengeance I 206
Vengeance IA 10
Wapiti IIA 43

By Year

By Year Nos
1939 1
1940 14
1941 15
1942 342
1943 591
1944 925
1945 815
1946 150
1947 58


Country Nos
Burma 451
Ceylon 131
Cocos 7
Hongkong 3
India 2011
Indonesia 17
Japan 11
Malaysia 16
Persia 1
Singapore 14
Thailand 1

Previous Update:

As of now about 1100+ Hurricane accidents (out of the 2500 inducted) and incidents are available and about 120 Harvard accidents (out of the 500 inducted). The intention is to identify all the pilots associated with these losses.

Harvard Losses :…qacid=10&qt=TY 120+ records
Hurricane Losses :…qacid=12&qt=TY 1100+ records

The data comes from a variety of sources – with thanks in no small measures to the Colin Cummings series – and the J J Halley books (RAF Serials and Aircraft Registries). Thanks in particular goes to the RAFCommands forum members who shared ORBs of SEAC Units to help populate more detail on these losses. So click on the above links and browse the data. The data is not complete and will keep getting updated at frequent intervals.

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