Gladiator K6150 Crash – 70 years later..(almost)

THEN AND NOW : Paul McMillan posted this on the forum – a series of photos of the crash of the 3 Sqn Gladiator K6150 January 24, 1938. The pilot Sgt. Ernest Harry Lomax #512633 bailed out and landed Beaconsfield Road, Brighton. His Gladiator crashed into the front garden of a house at Lyndhurst Road, Hove. This is actually a house on the corner of Lyndhurst Road / Lyndhurst Corner .

Lomax was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital with minor injuries, slight abrasions to the knees and elbows but was not detained In hospital. He Abandoned the Gladiator when he could not recover from a spin at 4,000 feet while in a formation of 4

Lomax was Killed 11/03/1940 still with 3 Sqn flying Hurricane L2123

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