The Distinguished Flying Medal – Complete Database

Continuing the building of the Awards Database, which started with our DSO Citations, we are pleased to present the first ever searchable and complete database of DFM awards from the Second World War

It is available in a Database Query tool at 

There are 6,483 DFM Awards in the Database and with the addition of the pre-war awards, it is expected to cross 6500.

All the entries have  Citations where available  and Links to the original gazette issues. easily searchable via the query..  Since the DFMs were mostly to personnel of non-officer rank, and at a later date they were commissioned as officers and received awards like the DFC and DSO, the challenge was to come up with a linkage system that will enable searching on a name to bring up awards for across the complete length of their career.   The search works in most of the cases.

At last count, 1487 have Citations attached while, 4996 are Notification Only awards. All are linked to the original Gazettes.


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