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  1. Just seen an article on this site regarding Thunderbolts with registration FJ. I have a photo of my father flying this aircraft.
    If you are interested I can send you the photo.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Great site, well done!
    Please could you check your dates for 61 Air School.
    According to your details the unit disbanded on Jan 31, 1943.
    I know for a fact that 61 AS was involved in the search for survivors from the Doryessa at the end of April, 1943.
    Your help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

  3. On the night 4/ 5th feb 1944 a Short Stirling (EF469) from 169 sqn took off from RAF Tarrant Rushton, Dorset on a parachute drop to the resistance for the SOE. Jacob team were responsible for dropping arms & personel for training to the resistance prior to the invasion of the Vosges. Unfotunately on the 5th they ran into a mountain near Cornimont, France. F/O Thomas Moore S/No 150068, RAFVR, W/O2 Lionel Woodruff S/No R/149450 RCAF, died & are buried at Cornimont cemetary. P/O John Lindley S/No 145378 has a headstone next to them but died in the middle east. Sgt A.J. Cardiff S/No 1530448 (pow no 3983) & Sgt Gordon Hemmings S/No 2215965 (pow no 3995) were sent to stalag luft 1 Barth. F/Sgt B.H. Town S/No 1330416 (pow no 1903) was sent to stalag 357 Kopernikus Oerbke. Sgt J.F. Bartlet S/No R413431/44 i can find no service records, pow records. There are the graves, a monument for them & the French parachutists killed during the liberation of Cornimont nov 1944 & a memorial at the site of the crash.

    1. I have visited the graves and crash site many times. I was wondering why you wrote that P/O Lindley isn’t buried in Cornimont? Didn’t he die in the crash?

  4. My husband passed away recently, and I found a photo of his father who had just graduated as a Honour student at No 2 Air Observer School Edmonton in 1943. I googled the school and found that entaylor was researching for pupils and instructors of that school. It may be too late, but if he still wants it, I can email him a copy of it. Thank you

  5. Greetings,

    After a long absence I returned to login but was not able to. Possibly because I have not accessed the website in nearly one year. I looked for a password reset option but can not find one. Please let me know how to go about resetting my password. Or do I have to re-register?


  6. I have found some photographs of a Sunderland, a Singapore and several of Swordfish.
    If anyone wants them, let me know

  7. I came across photos of Anson K6158 that crashed on 22/02/1937. My uncle was the radio operator. Is it possible to get copies of the original photos or ones with a higher resolution please?

    Many thanks

  8. Dear Webmaster,
    Could you please direct me to a contact person that could help us find out more on this service person.
    We are delighted to continue our research of those that have served our countries and fought for our freedom.
    The individual we are currently inquiring about: Hetherington R.O. F.O;
    Prefix: J; Number: 20577; Position: PLT; Unit: RCAF; Aircraft: X; – : Oct 44-
    Please advise

  9. I have some photos our late father took of the Marine Craft section base at RAF Bone in 1943/44, showing the base and boats. I have sent them previously to the RAF museum and the ASRMC association if they are of interest for your archive I am happy to e-mail them

  10. Having been for a walk in my local cemetery,Plymyard,Eastham Wirral. I came across a head stone for a P/O Leonard Sinclair Bradburn. The headstone is very faded, but someone has filled his name using possibly a black marker, the rest of the details are faded. Having researched him he was killed on a training flight in April 1941.
    My question is, the headstone is not the normal CWGC, it is more probably a family one and because he was killed whilst training does the above not recognise him as a war casualty, hence the type of headstone used.
    It would be nice if some funds could be found to make it clearer/upgrade.

  11. This isn’t a comment, but I am getting frustrated that I cannot contact the webmaster. I have noticed a thread about my uncle (same name as mine) that I want to add some information too. I am not on facebook and cannot find a phone number on the site – I am having a problem registering.

    Ian Hillan

  12. Bonjour,
    I’m Johan Ledoux from middle France.
    I have at home, a frame with an interesting original picture (and details about the pilots, cadets, group captains and air vice marshal “JT Babington”) of the Government Flying Training School in Singapore, dated October 1940. I would be selling it, if someone of your members is interesting.
    I can send pictures, if I had a email address where I can send them, or if someone can give me informations about this “Cadet Squad N°2” in Singapour.
    Thank you very much.
    Johan Ledoux

    1. Hello Johan,

      I have only just seen this post and as it is 3 years old, I am probably too late! However, if you still have the Singapore picture I would be very interested, as John Babington in the picture was my grandfather. Many thanks, Antonia Willis in Cornwall, UK

  13. I posted on this site a few years ago and want to log on. Used to communicate with Henk Welting.
    I sent a request to update password but have not yet received an email to do do.

  14. I have the same issue! I keep getting emails from the webmaster but when I respond, or pose a question I never get a reply. I have forgotten either or both my user name and password and I can
    not get access and the web master does not respond.

  15. I have the same issue! I keep getting emails from the webmaster but when I respond, or pose a question I never get a reply. I have forgotten either or both my user name and password and I can
    not get access and the web master does not respond.

    Please moderator! would you kindly direct this problem to someone who I can interact with for help!

  16. Dear Sir
    I am currently researching Wing Commander Aubrey Richard DeLisle Inisss (42005) and I a finding conflicting service information. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Conflicts include:
    1. date he joined the RAF – January 1939 or Apr 29, 1939 the date of his short service commission as Acting Pilot Officer.
    2. When did he join 236 Squadron. Is it the date he was upgraded to Pilot Officer in probation – Nov. 6, 1939
    3. When did he join 248. Was it 1941 or 1942
    4. No of kills – I have seen 7 and on your site I have seen 8 and 1 shared.

  17. Dear Sir,

    I came across a discussion about my uncle, Colonel Milton Murphy, on your forum while doing a Google search in hopes of finding information about him.
    He went to Canada and enlisted in 1917, according to my mother, because he wanted to fly, and there was no Air Force in the United States, which was was not yet involved in the war (obviously it was early in 1917). After enlisting, he was sent to England.
    He served as an enlisted man in England from 1917 to 1918 – from a piece on him upon his retirement, in the Waterloo, NY Political Journal, October 30, 1953.
    According to this same paper, when he first began his training, the only plane available was a Curtiss JN4, better known as a “Jenny.”
    “We flew by the seat of our pants.” – Milton Murphy.
    It was very interesting seeing a discussion of my uncle on your forum.

    Kimberley Edwards

  18. I appear to be a member of this site but when I try to leave a message it says I cannot.
    My father was Flight Sergeant Hugh Parmenter Moule killed 3.4.1943.
    There was a question regarding him in lost airmen and I wanted to reply to it. The pilot’s name who was flying the Defiant wasW/O H Whitmill. The plane number A.A. 542. On that night they ran into some AA fire as there was enemy activity. The pilot took evasive action and lost height from 7000 feet to 1500 feet. They were unable to contact control or find a beacon but eventually were given a vector of 030 degrees which was confirmed again after another check fix. A few minutes after being given this vector the aircraft struck a balloon cable and the starboard wing caught fire. Pilot bailed out safely but my father was killed.
    In 1940 my father was in France in Squadron 13. The answer to the question was he Hugh Parmenter Moule 626121 who was the only survivor in the Lysander that crashed is correct and he did spend time in No 4 General Hospital. If you need to know anything else please contact me.

  19. Want to correct comment about my dad, James Amsler Gray
    ES 71
    His nickname was not Tex but rather “Jerko” Gray
    Yes, he was the historian for the ES, a labor of love. Died in his native CA, 11-25-09.
    His medals/exhibit remain in his beloved England @ Duxford in Imperial War Museum. He also worked hard on developing the 1986 ES monument in Grosvenors Sq London.

  20. Hello Frances,

    I’m interested in the Lysander crash in Vieux-Condé. Can you contact me at JossLeclercq AT orange DOT fr (replace by the obvious)

  21. Not sure if this is the right place to leave a query, but cannot find anywhere else.
    I went into RAF Fighter Command and clicked on 1 Sqdn and up came 2 Sqdn, this happened every time I tried for 1Sqdn. Am I doing something wrong?

  22. I am looking for a photo of JENNINGS, Welland Thomas Flying Officer, No.90 Squadron, J85173 Distinguished Flying Cross RCAF Personnel Awards 1939-1949 Would be very happy if someone out there has one and could send it to me! Thanks

  23. Dear Sir,
    my name is Ruggero Elia Felli, I’m the president of “Elbafortificata”, an Association that studies the World War II period at Elba Island (Tuscany).

    The 9th of September 1943, during the early hours of the morning, as a natural consequence of recent times changes, Gen. Gilardi released some British aviators caught in Pianosa Island, following an air crash.

    The crew was released on September 9th 1943, but from the documents in my possession I do not know if the accident happened on the 9th or the previous days / months.

    I’m looking for information about them. Which squadron belonged and which was the cause of the accident.

    Ruggero Elia Felli

  24. Good evening.
    As a Dutchman I have problems to come on the site. What can I do? I have a lot of information about the crash of the Havilland Mosquito RV326, crew Hudson and Gant.

  25. The unidentified aircraft pictured appears to be a Curtiss wright CW-19, probably originally either Chinese Air Force or (les likely)Burma Volunteer Air Force.

  26. my late brother
    Alexander Linkewich got his Captain’s wings at Gimli, around 1955,he had sent a professional photo done on him to my mother, both my mother and my brother Linc have passed away, How do I follow this up. After leaving the force, he took up being a Bomber fire fighter out of North B.C and since wrote a couple of instructors manuals on fire bombing. I would like a photo of him while at Gimli

  27. There is a request for information of pre-war pilots 41 Sqn on one of your fora sites. WO A B ATTAWAY was my uncle, but as a non- member, I do not see how to pass this info. Perhaps you can help.

  28. Hello,
    Problem accessing the forum .
    Is there a problem or is it just due to the weather we have been getting ?

  29. Hello
    In the thread ‘Unaccounted Airmen – 26-01-1946’ you list: MILLET, William Phillip Ivor – Air Apprentice – L/FX78600 – RN – Phillack ( St.Felicitas) Churchyard, Cornwall. Ivor was posted to RNAS Lee-on-Solent as an apprentice artificer but was diagnosed with a heart condition and was invalided out of the service. He ded in St Michael’s Hospital, Hayle on 26th January 1946, age 21, and was buried in the churchyard of Phillack Parish Church.

  30. Hello
    My name is Piotr and i am looking to find any information aboutt one of my familly member Franciszek Dziadula . He was a member of the 1586 squadron of PRAF .One of the information what I have founded out, is that he may be one of the crew meber of the Halifax II GR -G JP288 shoted down in Hungary on 11.09.1944 His evidence nb. was 705431,
    I would be verry greatfull for any informations, or if you can help me to fieel the gaps in the familly history.
    Kind regard

  31. I am trying to contact Paul about information he has on my father in 159 squadron in 1941 training in Scotland. His information was from September 2008. Thanks

  32. New joiner.

    Where do I post a general question?

    Can you tell me the best place on the site, to post a ‘do you know?’ type listing?
    I’ve found Thomas Gibson (air radar fitter) RAF notebook from about 1953, amongst my father’s

    Seems appropriate to try and return this notebook to the family.
    Appreciate any help, thanks.

  33. What a fantastic website. There is just everything you need when you want to investigate RAF.
    I’m making a big reserch on Ceylon during WW II, and under the aircraft loss list, I couldn’t find aircraft types PBY Catalina, C 47 Dakota, and a few others. I know that on April 4, 1942, 2 Catalinas were shot down by the Japanese, one of the planes sent a signal to the RAF 222 Group about their position. On April 9, 1942, 2 other Catalinas were shot down south-east of RAF China Bay. Is there anyone in this forum who can help with Fly numbers and Crew.
    thank you so much for a good page

    1. Henrik. The work related with other types is still pending. Catalinas are far away from being updated. Currently working on Beaufighters, followed by Mosquitos and Transports next. I am glad you found the rest of the information useful. You might try asking the questions on our forum that might get some responses..

  34. Sir,
    I have some further information on Halifax LL228 of 644 Squadron, if this would be of interest.
    John Richardson

  35. My uncle was Sgt Gerald Mcloughlin, killed 80 years ago at St Pierre d’Autils near Paris on the 11 June 1940.he is buried with his two comrades in the local cemetery. He was flying a Fairey Battle, and was with 226 Sqn.
    I believe someone is after photos and info….please contact….

  36. I have been contacted by a Swiss lady whose father witnessed the crash of Lancaster W4355. She has sent photographs which she has given authority to share.
    Following this enquiry, I’ve been in contact with the daughter of the pilot, Flt Lt Blott and the son of W/Op Sgt Gordon Gill.
    Both have sent photographs of their relatives and further details, including their debrief on completion of their evasion and return to the UK.
    I’ve tried a number of times to log in and post, but without success. Please help me.

  37. Hi,

    Found some shriveled up alu on the west coast of Denmark.
    On it is a tag that says:
    “Halifax 11
    serial no
    LT AF / 15058”
    My knowledge of warplanes is minimal, but I do remember something about a Halifax bomber.
    Anyone here who could help me out?

  38. Sir,

    I have a picture of a P40 from WW2, I would like to share it with you and ask if you have any information regarding that picture.
    How can i send it to you?

    Kind regards

  39. Chesney Brian Susskind flew for the RAF during WW2. He was killed when flying in Italy in January 1945, age 20 and is buried in Ravenna . It is doubtful but I was wondering if anybody who knew him was still alive. He was from South Africa. He was flying a Mustang KH609. I am the wife of his nephew.

  40. Hi all, I’m trying to find out information about my Grandfather who was in the RAF.

    All I have are 3 or 4 photos, DOB and Death. No number, No Sqn, No Base Info. Nothing.

    Can I post on here an appeal for help or email someone these photos in the hope that they can recognise the uniforms possible ranks and/or location (which appears to be Africa?). The photos show RAF personnel.

    Once I have a fair idea of Sqn and number etc then I can approach Gov for full records. Right now I don’t have enough



  41. Hi there, I would like to request my own album for photos to post to the gallery. I’m not sure if this is the place for this request. I have photographs to add to the 11 Squadron Blenheim collision.
    Kind regards
    Robin Stammers

  42. PS : Your email bounced back as unavailable. Please send us an email at Admin ATTHERATE gave this error:
    Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (S2017062302).

  43. Hi there,
    I am trying to find out if there is any more information about my late father, he was Sgt James Brown 571985, he was in 15 Squadron and was shot down and ditched in the North Sea. I have seen his name on your other website.
    Also I have lots of photo’s of him in his RAF days, some as a prisoner at Stalag 344 Lamsdorf, where he worked in the camp post office. I would be happy to share these with the site

  44. Ref AC2 1210950 George William ROBINSON.

    The Mansfield Reporter of 31st Jan 1941 states that he died at Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Cause of death given as Meningitis.

  45. Hi
    Can you tell me anything about Operation Norway 16.9.44?
    Mark III (PB416) KC-V, Operation Norway 16-9-44

  46. Greetings

    You references to Mosquito NT185 in 605 squadron, shot down over Varrelbsuch on the night of 26 SEP 1944 and recorded for 27 SEP 1944 shows the wrong crew. Should show Flight Lt John Norman ANDREWS and Flight Sergeant Bill FREEMAN. Can provide RAF supported evidence if required

  47. You talk about my grandfather in the RAFCommands Forum and it’s viewable to anyone.

    I was googling my father and paulmcmillan’s posts came up.

    He reads a bit disrespectful about ‘this NZ man’ ‘GCM’ and ‘shows up in WWII’. Is that what war involved for NZers? Showing up?

    Please be respectful in case the families are looking.

  48. To whom it may concern,
    I’m researching the Service history of Flying Officer Richard Garwood Robinson 83668 of the Royal Air Force, Volunteer Reserve. F/O Robinson severed as a Medical Officer in Bomber Command. Citation for George Medal. Richard Robinson is the father of Sara Keen a good friend and resident of McKenzie Lifestyle Village Geraldine, New Zealand. Where I also reside, Sara has no personal file or record of her father’s military history; are you able to help?
    Regards Chris Brownie.

  49. Just wish to pass on some information, that might be of interest to you and your
    assistants and any email newsletter subscribers you may have to your museum email,
    this Monday 10th Jan, at 5pm-6pm there will be shown a RAF documentary, made in 1935,
    which will be narrated by Squadron Leader W . Helmore, and will explain the training and
    aircraft used in 1935 by the RAF.
    I am now passing the word around to all RAF related museums etc so they can then inform
    their staff and regular visitors or people who enjoy military or RAF history, so they can watch the
    documentary on Monday at 5pm on Talking Pictures tv channel.
    I have not visited your museum, but thought it important to inform you of this information.
    In future similar docus or films may be shown on this channel so please ask your
    staff and regulars to watch the channel incase they see other programmes they may like.

    Thanks, from Stuart Howson.

  50. Hi, my name is Joe Picarella, I’m a Japanese aviation historian/author and also the Japanese aviation advisor to the RAF Museum and IWM.
    I would very much like to contact Jack Wilcox regarding using his father’s Baka Bomb photos (Ed Wilcox Collection) in an upcoming book on the aircraft.
    Can somebody please pass on my details to him?
    Thank you.

  51. Greetings …. I’m trying to find details about my grandmother’s brother-in-law, Thomas Allen, who was decorated for heroism whilst serving in either Belgium or the Netherlands. He was a sharpshooter (second at Bisley one year) of the Air Force Regiment, attached to 2502 Squadron (Aldergrove). I have access to a wartime photo with his string of decorations, though they aren’t distinct in pic. Later, in the ’50s he was awarded an MBE for training services. I’m told the action involved the rescue of a barnload of British POWs, so I’m assuming 1944/5? He received the Belgian Croix de Guerre with Palm amongst others, but that’s all I know. ‘tragic how these things fade way. Any help would be great, thanks.

  52. Hi
    I recently applied to join the forum. The reason for it was I spotted this old item by Tom Thorne (his user id in this forum is Thorne83) in the old Royal Air Force Command Archive, in which he was looking for further information regarding aircraft 43-38847. Although he posted it a few years ago,I thought he might be interested in a photo of a plaque in the City Cemetery Belfast that seems to give the information he was looking for. Was just hoping to pass it on to him

  53. Hi

    I was trying to post on the forum, but my profile doesnt allow me to post images.. I was wondering how I could get this enable, or what is the process to post which needs an image as part of the post

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tony, Unfortunately the forum in its current version does not allow posting of images. Recommended way is to post the image elsewhere in a third party site and then link it to your post.

      We are looking at options of upgrading the features, but it may take a few months


  55. Good morning, sir
    I am looking for information about a Roll Royce Merlin III engine, serial number 5553 A119952. What plane was he mounted on?
    Looking forward to reading you.
    Kind regards.
    Eric d’Arras
    Bonjour Monsieur,
    Je recherche des informations sur un moteur Roll Royce Merlin III, sérial number 5553 A119952. Sur quel avion était-il monté ?
    Dans l’attente de vous lire.
    Eric d’Arras

  56. Bonjour,
    Je viens de découvrir votre Base de données Hawker Hurricane et j’ai pu compléter les informations que j’avais sur les 20 appareils pilotés par mon grand père au sein du 274ème squadron de la RAF et du GC1 Alsace des FAFL de 1940 à 1942.
    Certaines informations sur mon grand-père, le commandant Jean Tulasne, pourraient compléter votre base de donnée. Je reste à votre disposition si besoin.


    Alexis Tulasne

    1. Merci. Pouvez-vous nous envoyer un fichier texte au format suivant à l’adresse e-mail
      admin(AT) ?


      Par exemple:
      X4321|1941-08-27|Plt Offr John Smith flew mission to Paris|247 Sqdn FFAF|Hendon UK|Logbook

  57. Hallo ich habe letztes Jahr den Fischteich meines Schwiegervaters geleert und vom Schlamm befreit….dabei fand ich ein ziffernblatt eines altimeters!!!!!!ich denke das es von einer Spitfire ist …..kann man anhand der Nummern die Geschichte herauszufinden?ich kann ihnen auch das Bild senden wenn ich weiss wie….ich wohne in Neuhaus am Rennweg in Thüringen Deutschland

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