CWGC recommends our ‘Unaccounted Airmen’ DB

Back in May 2016 when the first version of the CWGC Unaccounted Airmen Database was kicked off, it was supposed to be just an easy ‘search engine‘ that provided links to the CWGC entries. I even called it a “Awesome Search Engine” modeled on the well known “Geoff’s Wonderful Search Engine” for CWGC.

Slowly the DB evolved – In the first version in 2018, it had links to other sources giving ’causes of death’. Then we started storing information itself.

Fast forward four years, the RAFCommands’ Unaccounted Airmen Database is now a recommended site in the official CWGC’s tipsheet into researching Air Force casualties from the Second World War. As noted in the screenshot below, we share the limelight with other illustrious websites like IBCC, RAFMuseum, Battle of Britain Memorial etc..

Check it out in the PDF at

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