Faces of the Fallen – Photos of Airmen

As you know, our WW2 fallen airmen database is getting close to 99% completion in the CWGC list. One of the next steps is to put faces to the names.

Our current database has about a 100 photos out of the entire 124K entries.. here is where your help is needed

We have implemented a new feature to allow users to upload portrait images for the CWGC entries. Pick any page where an individual photo does not exist.. . https://www.rafcommands.com/database…php?qnum=71073

An image is displayed where a photo does not exist.

Click the Photo – Upload a photo for the airman – remember to Name it in YEAR|SURNAME|NUMBER.jpg format

Clicking it will take you to a form where where anyone can upload an image for the entry. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdc7gRju8iuclTPDahSUYzslRo7UxqHl-WOZi-F9EgTGCLifA/viewform

The only ask is that the filename be in the <YEAR><LASTNAME><NUMBER>.jpg format…

eg 1944GIBSON54673.jpg for the file name. this makes it easy for me to upload and easy for the system to pick up the image and display . Periodically I will download the images enmasse and upload them to the server. The statistics will automatically get updated.

So please do your bit and help us put faces to the fallen.

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