Stirling EF330 – Resting place of the crew

Following Photographs of the graves of the Crew of Stirling EF330 have been received from Ellie Duis from Beek, Netherlands

As per her:

I have just been to an information afternoon about the plane crash in Beek, where the 8 crew and 3 from a family died, 80 years ago on 12 March. My old aunts would tell how they saw the plane fly over their house (the house where I now live). The plane crashed 2 seconds later.

A father and 2 sons died that day, and their youngest sister is still alive. She is 89 and wanted to be at the information afternoon but unfortunately broke her hip last week.

There are now photos of the plane crew on the graves. They are temporary as nothing permanent is allowed but will be put on the graves at special occasions. They look great and gives the crew a face, making them a little more personal to the people in our village.

Thanks Ellie for sharing these poignant images!

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