Individual Casualty Details Page in RAF CWGC Database

Our Website’s CWGC Database is enhanced a bit more.. Now in the search results, the Surname is a hyper link – and clicking it will take you to an individual casualty page that will have additional details – eg – a search of the Gazette, and even a rough search of the forum for additional posts..

An example page¬†…php?qnum=33508¬†(J B NICOLSON VC)

  • The individual page extracts the full record from the CWGC Database
  • A link to the CWGC Page is included
  • A Google Search Link is provided – it will be enhanced to provide Optional Search terms
  • Link to an AIR81 record if one exists.
  • Related Aircraft Crash/Loss record from the Losses Database
  • For Officers – entries in he London Gazette are displayed.
  • Finally a rough search is done across all the forum posts and where ever the name appears the results are displayed. This feature is not an exact science, but 80% of the time, the relevant posts are displayed.

With this feature approximately 124000+ webpages have been addeed to the site.

Go ahead – Query our DB at Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces War Dead database to find out how this works.

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