RAF Mentioned-in-Dispatches (MiD, M-in-D) (DB Update)


MiD : 42710

We finally got around to the Mentioned-in-Dispatches after hours of fixing OCR issues.

Previously we had about 33000 entries here – now the new number is pretty much complete and has about 41943 entries. I would expect this to be 99% accurate. There are the odd OCR errors.. but all will be fixed in due course of time. One flaw with the LG listing of MiDs is that they only published with intials. with some work at my end, roughly 25% have full names, but the rest still have initials.

That being said, this is the first queryable DB on MiD Awards.

There are a total of 81173 Award records in this database


 VC : 30GC : 27GBE(M) : 4KBE(M) : 44DBE(M) : 3CBE(M) : 548DSO : 1222OBE(M) : 1422MBE(M) : 2338  DFC : 20927MC : 85AFC : 2481CGM(F) : 107  BEM(M) : 2320DFM : 6484MM : 131AFM : 292MiD : 42710




One thought on “RAF Mentioned-in-Dispatches (MiD, M-in-D) (DB Update)

  1. Hello from Canada. Great website. I would like to point out an omission on the MiD database.
    My grandfather N.C.G. Newnham (43743) is currently listed with 5 MiD’s In fact, the sixth is missing. I believe he may be a record holder. I haven’t seen a higher number issued to any other service member in my limited observations. The one that is missing is LG 1942 06 05 (June 11) page 2519.

    Hope it can be amended.


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