The Unaccounted are below 3000!

The current number of Accounted Airmen in our CWGC based DB has achieved two mile stones.

It crossed 97.5% Completion! i.e less than 2.5% are unaccounted.

The number of unaccounted are now below 3000!

2997 records (2.45%) are still “Unaccounted”.

In case you are wondering what other milestones are out there

Aviation Deaths (i.e a record associated with a serial number) are just 96 short of 100,000
(this may be a bit of a distraction, but many airscrew related accidents are not listed as ‘aviation’.. so actual figure involving aircraft may be 100,000+)

None Aviation related deaths are 467 records short of 20,000

We are 563 records short of 120,000 accounted-for records…

2 thoughts on “The Unaccounted are below 3000!

  1. Dear Sirs – I am looking for information on and more specifically the relevant citation for the DFC awarded to my uncle, John Vernon Peters. He was seonded from the SAAF to the RAF and served in the Adriatic in the American theatre of operarions. His details are: (on the reverse of the DFC) #329032 V, 241 Squadron, award date 19.6.45.
    I can find no trace of him on any of the websites I have managed to find.
    I have the DFC and can supply photographs. He appears to have fallen into a crack between the US and the UK forces.
    The family has lost the Citation and as the now owner of the DFC, I would dearly like to have a copy of the Citation.
    Can you help at all? I would be most grateful.

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