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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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Year AIR81/ Aircraft Ac Serial
Citation Aircraft Description Link
AIR81/992 Sergeant F G Kingham, Acting Sergeant D F S Campbell and Sergeant P G Cory: report of deaths; Blenheim N3604 crashed at Osthusvik, Rennesoy, Norway, 25 June 1940.C14502443
AIR81/1992Battle K7609Leading Airman H E Cook (Royal Navy), Aircraftman A C Lucas: killed; aircraft accident, Collingbourne Kingston, Battle K7609, 1 Service Flying Training School, 9 April 1940. Note: With photographC16471284
AIR81/2992 Multiple casualties: enemy action at RAF Eastchurch, 2 September 1940.C16472307
AIR81/3992 Aircraftman T Rothwell: killed; enemy action, North Weald Aerodrome, 29 October 1940.C16688090
AIR81/4992Blenheim IV T2287Sergeant F N Scott, Sergeant W Caton: injured; Sergeant F C C Fry: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim T2287, 13 Operational Training Unit, 3 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5651C16689090
AIR81/5992 Pilot Officer E Procyk (Polish), Aircraftman K Robins, Aircraftman K Beevers, Aircraftman K R Moore: killed; Flight Sergeant M E Price: injured; aircraft accident, Harrow K7015, 271 Squadron, 20 April 1941.C16755290
AIR81/6992Spitfire Vb W3211Pilot Officer S J Hill: killed; shot down, aerial combat near Dover, Spitfire W3211, 609 Squadron, 18 June 1941.C16756289
AIR81/7992Hurricane II Z2906Squadron Leader W W Straight: Interned; force landed near St Valery, France, enemy action, Hurricane Z2906, 242 Squadron, 31 July 1941.C16757289
AIR81/8992Hurricane I P3408Sergeant H A Grant (RCAF): injured; aircraft accident Plessy Farm, Cramlington, Northumberland, Hurricane P3408, 55 Operational Training Unit, 11 September 1941.C16924834
AIR81/9920 Aircraftsman J W Elsford: injured; airscrew accident at Medicine Hat aerodrome, Canada, 14 October 1941.C16998167
AIR81/9921Wellington IC Z1077Sergeant M Bell (RNZAF): injured; aircraft crashed at RAF Coltishall on return from operational flight, Wellington Z1077, 75 Squadron, 27 October 1941.C16998168
AIR81/9922Oxford L4626Leading Aircraftsman D N Birtwell: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford L4626, Cranwell Service Flying Training School, 29 October 1941.C16998169
AIR81/9923Spitfire IIa P8044Pilot Officer H L M Young (RCAF): killed; aircraft crashed during operational flight near Bransdale, Yorkshire, Spitfire P8044, 145 Squadron, 28 October 1941.C16998170
AIR81/9924Tomahawk IIB AM483Pilot Officer W E Steele: injured; aircraft accident at Gaza, Palestine, Tomahawk AM483, Service Ferry Squadron, 26 October 1941.C16998171
AIR81/9925Spitfire Vb AD178Sergeant R G G Gain: killed; aircraft accident near Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, Spitfire AD178, 266 Squadron, 29 October 1941.C16998172
AIR81/9926Spitfire PR.IV AA801Pilot Officer E R Hamer: killed; aircraft accident near Watchfield, Spitfire AA801, 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 29 October 1941.C16998173
AIR81/9927Wellington IC X9833Sergeant Tomkins, Sergeant Carroll, Sergeant Gordon: injured; aircraft accident near Rougham, Wellington X9833, 215 Squadron, 29 October 1941.C16998174
AIR81/9928Oxford R5942Flying Officer E M Cowperthwaite, Leading Aircraftsman J V Samuel, Leading Aircraftsman D C Ross: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford R5942, Cranwell Service Flying Training School, 29 October 1941.C16998175
AIR81/9929Botha I L6264Pilot Officer A Sedlacek (Czech): killed; Pilot Officer M Novak (Czech), Sergeant L Mirconzuk (Polish): missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Botha L6264, 10 Air Observers School, 27 October 1941.C16998176
AIR81/9992Blenheim IV T1946Sergeant R F Leighton (RCAF), Aircraftsman T A Gray, Aircraftsman T Clapperton: killed; Pilot Officer D H Inglis, Corporal H E Holmes: injured; mid air collision near Lerwick between Blenheim Z6339 and Blenheim T1946, 404 Squadron, 1 November 1941.C16998239
AIR81/10992Spitfire IIa P8267Sergeant G D Fowler (RCAF): interned; aircraft crashed near Clogher, County Donegal, during delivery flight, Spitfire P8267, 16 December 1941.C17058721
AIR81/11992Beaufort I L9935Sergeant V Meldrum, Sergeant C C McLennan (RAAF), Sergeant N Battram, Sergeant G A Blackwood: killed; Beaufort L9935, 5 Coastal Operational Training Unit: aircraft accident near RAF Chivenor, 7 February 1942.C17082742
AIR81/12992Blenheim IV Z6421Flight Lieutenant V V Green, Flight Sergeant C Dawson, Sergeant D A Giles (RAAF): missing believed killed; Blenheim Z6421, 203 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the eastern Meditteranean, 26 March 1942.C17083742
AIR81/13992Oxford I AT739Sergeant A B Goff (RCAF): killed; Oxford AT739, 15 Advanced Flying Unit (Pilots), aircraft accident at Barnetby, Lincolnshire, 4 May 1942.C17206629
AIR81/14992Halifax II W7701Flight Lieutenant R B Chadwick, Sergeant W E Pilborough (RCAF), Sergeant J R Storey, Sergeant W J Hopkins, Sergeant J A McKinstry: killed; Sergeant J A Catley: prisoner of war; Sergeant J T Pack: evaded capture; Halifax W7701, 35 Squadron, enemy action, aircraft shot down and crashed near Genck, Belgium during an operational flight over Essen, Germany, 9 June 1942. With photographs.C17386491
AIR81/15992Stearman PT-17 Leading Aircraftsman M Hislop, Mr W McGlaun: killed; Stearman PT-17 aircraft, 56th Army Air Force Flying Training Detachment, aircraft accident, Americus, Georgia, USA, 29 June 1942.C17478195
AIR81/16992Blenheim IV L4832Flying Officer E A Carter: injured; Flying Officer W S Robinson, Flying Officer P G K Pike: uninjured; Blenheim L4832, 82 Squadron, aircraft crashed on landing Lahore, India, 6 August 1942.C17479195
AIR81/17992Mustang AG438Pilot Officer P O Thomas: killed, Mustang AG438, 41 Operational Training Unit, Sub-Lieutenant W Harrison (RNZN): killed; Fulmar N4126, 762 Squadron, aircraft accident mid-air collision, RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, 19 September 1942.C17926605
AIR81/18992Beaufighter X8091Squadron Leader P L Underwood, Flight Sergeant I R Miller: missing believed killed; Beaufighter X8091, 227 Squadron, hit by ant air craft fire from an enemy vessel in the vicinity of Tripoli, Libya, 14 October 1942.C17927605
AIR81/19920 Aircraftsman J H Pedrick: killed; Armoured Car Crew, Land Mine explosion, Nofilia / Sirte Road, Tripolitania, Libya, 25 December 1942.C18044787
AIR81/19921Spitfire BR366Pilot Officer J A Smith (RCAF): missing believed killed; Spitfire BR366, 126 Squadron, baled from aircraft during operational flight between Grand Harbour and St Pauls Bay, Malta, 10 August 1942.C18044788
AIR81/19922Whitley Sergeant B A Tidman: killed; Flying Officer D McHarrie, Sergeant D L Crossey (RCAF), Sergeant M D Shyba (RCAF), Sergeant J Wilson (RCAF), Sergeant M D Woods (RCAF): injured; Whitley 10 Operational Training Unit, aircraft accident Carew Cheriton aerodrome, Pembrokeshire, 22 November 1942.C18044789
AIR81/19923Wellington HX578Pilot Officer F P Bartkiewicz (RCAF), Sergeant J J DeMarco (RCAF): killed; Pilot Officer C J Radford (RCAF), Pilot Officer E A Abraham, Pilot Officer V Lyon (RCAF), Pilot Officer R Gillin (RCAF): injured; Wellington HX578, aircraft crashed and abandoned at sea West Africa during operational flight, 21 November 1942.C18044790
AIR81/19924Hudson FH414Sergeant O F Hunter: killed; Sergeant M Stringer: died of injuries; Sergeant D L Ingles, Leading Aircraftsman Crah, Leading Aircraftsman U Matthews, Corporal Gutteridge, Aircraftsman Bacon, Pilot Officer J H Stevenson: injured; Hudson FH414, 82 Squadron, aircraft accident Hakimpet aerodrome, India, 15 November 1942.C18044791
AIR81/19925Blenheim BA750Pilot Officer R K Young, Pilot Officer W E Walker (RCAF), Sergeant N N Welch: interned now safe; Blenheim BA750, 114 Squadron, forced landing Tangier airport, 15 November 1942.C18044792
AIR81/19926Wellington X3392Squadron Leader M A L Williams: injured; remaining crew uninjured; Wellington X3392, 420 Squadron, aircraft hit by flak during operational flightover Stuttgart, Germany, 22 November 1942.C18044793
AIR81/19927Lancaster W4107Flight Sergeant E J Singleton, Sergeant F Wood, Sergeant K C Corey, Sergeant A G McInnes, Sergeant E Pope, Sergeant D J Hills, Sergeant L W Saunders: prisoners of war; Lancaster W4107, 49 Squadron, aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Stuttgart, Germany, 22 November 1942.C18044794
AIR81/19928Wellington BK247Sergeant A C Britton, Sergeant J A B Cooper, Sergeant G Hickson, Sergeant J R Morris, Sergeant M R Tuxford: injured; Wellington BK247, 27 Operational Training Unit, aircraft accident during night training flight near Lichfield aerodrome, Staffordshire, 22 November 1942.C18044795
AIR81/19929Wellington BK206Sergeant K A Gosney: prisoner of war; Sergeant A W Robertson, Sergeant J A Texter, Sergeant R D Morris, Sergeant A L Wood: killed; Wellington BK206, 115 Squadron, aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Stuttgart, Germany, 22 November 1942.C18044796
AIR81/19992Hurricane L928Sergeant R H Edwards: missing now safe; Hurricane L928, 73 Squadron, aircraft accident, Gazala, Egypt, 16 November 1942.C18044859
AIR81/20992Hurricane HW180Flight Sergeant G N Bradley: injured; Hurricane HW180, 32 Squadron, aircraft accident, Biskra, Algeria, 22 January 1943.C18306537

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