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Sgt Roger PEACOCK (546775) of the RAF

Captivity Details for Roger PEACOCK 546775

RankName, NumberDetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
SgtRoger PEACOCK (546775) Blenheim IV R3763 1940-07-2640 Sqdn192Stalag 357 Kopernikus

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Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1211Sergeant P H Steele, Sergeant J Moore and Sergeant R Peacock: prisoners of war; Blenheim R3763 crashed west of Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 26 July 1940.C14503150

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date: 26 Jul 40 Aircraft: Blenheim IV R3763 Unit 40 Sqdn Airfield /Crash Location , Germany (Jever!)
DetailsTook off 2250 from Wyton briefed to attack the airfield at Eelde (Drenthe) 14 km N of Assen Holland. Cause of loss and crash-site not established.
SourceHenk Welting's Database
Aircrew details
XV Sqn , J. MOORE & Blenheim IV L9469Hello, There seems to be some confusion in the data files about J. MOORE, XV Sqn and Blenheim IV, L9469. . So , Sgt. J. MOORE, 58152 was actually with 40 Sqn and became a pow with the other crew( Steele & Peacock) of Blenheim IV, R3763.Date was 25/26th July 1940. His pow number was 188. and was at "357". He should not be confused with Sgt A, J, MOORE. This was Sgt. A.E.J. MOORE, 1600685 . Who became pow when 77 Sqn Halifax II, JD247 "H" went down on the 19th November 1943. His pow number was 263496 and was at 4B. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 19th September 2020 02:52:12XV Sqn , J. MOORE & Blenheim IV L9469Apparently the loss of Blenheim IV R3763 25/26 Jul 1940 is now correct, and in agreement eg with Warner Ch14 App 8 p248, crew correct There Peacock is also noted as the "Richard Passmore" pseudonym author of [I]Blenheim Boy[/I] [Thomas Harmsworth 1981] (with its laconic account of their bale-out & capture) [url][/url] Somehow, despite correction of the spurious Moore entry re L9469, that record is now muddled in another way, with two CHARLES HENRY ROBINSON entries, differing by service nos, dates of death and cemetery. [url][/url] I'm unable to look into this further... ....Read More.Don Clark on 16th January 2021 08:18:48
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