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The Hawker Hurricane is a British single-seat fighter aircraft of the 1930s–40s which was designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd. for service with the Royal Air Force (RAF). The Hurricane went into production for the Air Ministry In June 1936 and entered squadron service in December 1937. Overall, some 14,487 Hurricanes and Sea Hurricanes were produced in England and Canada.The majority of Hurricanes, 9,986 were built by Hawker (who produced the type at Brooklands from December 1937 to October 1942 and Langley from October 1939 to July 1944), while Hawker's sister company, the Gloster Aircraft Company, constructed 2,750. The Austin Aero Company completed 300 Hurricanes. Canada Car and Foundry was responsible for the production of 1,451 Hurricanes. This DB lists 1601 built by CCF.

Concept and Execution: Jagan Pillarisetti. Data Credits: Geoff Sinclair, John Engelsted, RAFCommands Members

There are a total of 14737 Records in this database.
3400 serials have accidents, losses or incidents recorded from the SEAC Losses, AIR81 and the CWGC Database.
290 individual aircraft Images are available
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The RCAF and K to Z Series

The RCAF and K to Z Series
RCAF Series : 400
K Series : 1
L Series : 600
N Series : 300
P Series : 1050
R Series : 110
T Series : 20
V Series : 996
W Series : 204
Z Series : 2100

The AA-ZZ Series Serials

A A - A Z : 745
B A - B Z : 2520
D A - D Z : 80
H A - H Z : 1388
J A - J Z : 250
K A - K Z : 1454
L A - L Z : 2003
M A - M Z : 39
N A - N Z : 61
P A - P Z : 412
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