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RAFCommand's Aircraft Losses Database (Proof of Concept)! The sources for this database consists of multiple sources , including but not exclusively - various losses Books (Colin Cummings, J J Halley), Air Britain RAF Aircraft Registers, RAF Serials Books, National Archive ORB data with some information taken from the RAFCommands Forum. The Database is still under construction and right now only a few types can be queried. If you are interested in updating the database with your research, please drop in an email to the Webmaster

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There are 2378 Records in this Database

This Data is based on the Coastal Command and Fleet Air Arms Losses Section on the Main Forum. The Coastal Command losses from 1939-1941 are well covered in Ross McNeill's book RAF Coastal Command Losses: Aircraft & Crew Losses 1939-1941 -Volume 1. Ross's plans to publish Volume 2 and 3 are however on hold. This forum, managed by Alex Smart, is intended as a stop-gap till that time Ross completes his project.

Date or Year Service Number Crew Name Aircraft Name Aircraft Number Unit / Squadron

Aircraft Name

Aircraft NameNos
Albacore 608
Anson I 16
Battle I 1
Beaufighter 430
Beaufort 105
Blenheim I 37
Halifax GR.II 53
Hampden I 138
Harvard IIb 1
Hudson 218
Hurricane I 48
Lancaster I 2
Liberator GR VI 103
Lysander I 8
Master I 4
Mosquito B.IV 147
Mustang III 1
Oxford 5
Seafire 187
Stirling IV 2
Tiger Moth II 4
Wellington 1c 198
Whitley V 62

By Year

By YearNos
1941 68
1942 633
1943 871
1944 610
1945 196



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