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Date or Year Service Number Crew Name Aircraft Name Aircraft Number Unit / Squadron
1942 : 1 1943 : 59 1944 : 161 1945 : 133 1946 : 3 1947 : 6
A total of 363 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
24 Dec 42 Beaufighter VI EL276 Flt Sgt FRANCE?
27 SqdnDum Dum, India ABSerials: Swung on landing. ...More
19 Jan 43 Beaufighter X8164 Fg Offr Charles Arbuthnot CROMBIE(404099)
WO Raymond Christopher MOSS(800670)
176 SqdnDum Dum, India BO after return fire from Jap ...More
27 Jan 43 Beaufighter VI EL238 27 SqdnKanchrapara, India ABSerials: Undercarraige jamme ...More
17 Feb 43 Beaufighter VI EL344 Plt Offr John Aragon TOWNSEND +(115908)
Plt Offr Keith Forrester WANDLESS +(118895)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma AA Fire while attacking He-Ho ...More
21 Feb 43 Beaufighter T5274 Sqn Ldr Kenneth ILLINGWORTH +(41708)
Sgt Albert Edward OSGUTHORPE +(1239576)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma AA Fire on an attack to Prome ...More
05 Mar 43 Beaufighter VI EL293 Wg Cdr Harry Christian DAISH(39004)
27 SqdnAgartala, India Attacked shipping over Akyab a ...More
07 Mar 43 Beaufighter VI EL355 Flt Lt J McMichael
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Shot down by AA Fire over Akya ...More
09 Mar 43 Beaufighter VI EL442 Sgt Reginald Thomas Melville GIBB +(1335261)
Flt Sgt Giles Vincent STUCKEY +(921858)
27 SqdnAllahabad, India Engine cut, hit ground in turn ...More
26 Mar 43 Beaufighter VI EL286 Sqn Ldr Ivan George STATHAM +(72119)
Plt Offr Kenneth Caleb BRIFFETT +(130135)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Air/Cbt Destroyed KIA Buried R ...More
04 Apr 43 Beaufighter VI EL269 Sgt Frederick Gray ENSOR +(R/99254)
Sgt John Arnold CLOUGH +(1239662)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Flew into sea off the Arakan. ...More
23 Apr 43 Beaufighter VI EL268 Sgt J M COPELAND(R/102793) 27 SqdnAgartala, India ABSerials: Bellylanded in Padd ...More
07 May 43 Beaufighter VI EL497 Fg Offr A R DUNLOP(J/9394) India Damaged during Ferrying ...More
17 May 43 Beaufighter VI EL342 Sgt Norman
Sgt Perris
27 SqdnAgartala, India Crashed 3 miles south of the A ...More
20 May 43 Beaufighter X8022 Plt Offr Ronald Stewart WAMBEEK(138668)
Fg Offr Anthony Walter GAMAGE(134042)
176 SqdnBaigachi, India While taking off in W for a ht ...More
29 May 43 Beaufighter VI EL387 Fg Offr Donald Graham STURROCK +(J/12332)
Sgt Joseph HEYWOOD +(1437283)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma AA fire Destroyed on an atack ...More
13 Jun 43 Beaufighter VI EL366 Plt Offr Alfred Basil GILBERT(120787)
Plt Offr H R BALL
27 SqdnChittagong, India ABSerials: Swung on landing an ...More
26 Jun 43 Beaufighter VI EL498 Plt Offr Alfred Basil GILBERT(120787)
Plt Offr H R BALL
27 SqdnAgartala, India Crashed on landing at Agartala ...More
29 Jun 43 Beaufighter VI EL273 F Sgt Robert Geoffrey PETCH +(416698)
Sgt Robert Mark THOMAS +(1435315)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Last seen flying along Arakan ...More
04 Jul 43 Beaufighter VI EL439 F Sgt R D THOROGOOD
Plt Offr E WELCH
27 SqdnAgartala, India Swung on landing. [https://www ...More
18 Jul 43 Beaufighter VI EL432 F Sgt CAMERON
177 SqdnPhaphamau, India Crashed in low flying area. St ...More
19 Aug 43 Beaufighter XI JL538 177 Sqdn India Not in ORB ...More
03 Sep 43 Beaufighter VI JL511 27 SqdnAmarda Road, India Engine Cut, Stalled on Approac ...More
09 Sep 43 Beaufighter VI EL477 F Sgt Bonniface 177 SqdnFeni, India Crashed on take off from Feni. ...More
15 Sep 43 Beaufighter VI JL712 Sgt G A WADDELL
177 SqdnFeni, India F541: 1026-1059 Aircraft U had ...More
19 Sep 43 Beaufighter X LX884 1 ADUJiwani, India Overshot landing and UC Collap ...More
23 Sep 43 Beaufighter VI EL388 F Sgt RAYNER 177 SqdnChittagong, India Crashed on take off ...More
24 Sep 43 Beaufighter VI JL536 Fg Offr Henry William STREET(111676)
Fg Offr James Lewis William LOGAN(133059)
177 SqdnFeni, India Port wing holed by AA fire at ...More
26 Sep 43 Beaufighter VI JL734 27 Sqdn India Bounced on landing, swung, hit ...More
29 Sep 43 Beaufighter X LX886 India DBR in accident ...More
30 Sep 43 Beaufighter VI JL505 Wg Cdr Philip Harold BALDWIN(72019)
Fg Offr George Herbert Eversley BUCKLEY(130837)
177 SqdnFeni, India Wg Cdr Baldwin forcelanded at ...More
05 Oct 43 Beaufighter VI JM412 Sgt Anderson 22 FCChunar, India Force landing at Chunar after ...More
06 Oct 43 Beaufighter X8228 Sgt Rice 21 FCMauripur, India Swung off Runway and caught fi ...More
07 Oct 43 Beaufighter VI JL889 Fg Offr Henry Slade BOTELL(120786)
Fg Offr Reginald FLETCHER(127987)
177 SqdnFeni, India strafed train at haagaya , hit ...More
10 Oct 43 Beaufighter X8776 F Sgt Keith Glynn ROBERTS +(1219721)
LAC Clifford GARDINER +(936011)
176 SqdnBaigachi, India Killed when the aircraft they ...More
10 Oct 43 Beaufighter VI JL659 Fg Offr Richard Lewis BAYARD +(J/10510)
Plt Offr Leslie Arthur SEARY +(127461)
177 SqdnFeni, India Three sections of two aircraft ...More
10 Oct 43 Beaufighter VI JL937 Sgt M H CROSSING
Sgt Thomas Albert HALL +(1575982)
177 SqdnFeni, India Third section loss - seen hit ...More
16 Oct 43 Beaufighter VI EL345 Sgt Harry James Felbey HUMPHRIES +(569278)
Sgt Peter Daniel BAINTON +(1077743)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Ac H - attack on Locos, Hit by ...More
17 Oct 43 Beaufighter VI JL228 177 SqdnFeni, India Being ferried by a ferry pilot ...More
28 Oct 43 Beaufighter X LZ228 Fg Offr Jack Armarid BOVIER(126159)
F Sgt Kenneth John SEELEY(1270400)
211 SqdnBamrauli, India [ ...More
31 Oct 43 Beaufighter VI JL529 Fg Offr Thomas Cecil CLAYTON(125144)
177 SqdnFeni, India F540: 0815. Loco damaged, truc ...More
01 Nov 43 Beaufighter X LZ243 F Sgt Albert George OLIVER +(1331765)
Sgt Richard Leslie SMALL +(1318887)
211 SqdnPhaphamau, India 1530 Beaufighter LZ243 crashed ...More
02 Nov 43 Beaufighter VI T5208 Fg Offr Frank Furley WHITE(124831)
Fg Offr Eric Samuel Collins CROSS +(129365)
27 SqdnAgartala, India Crashed on landing at base. cr ...More
03 Nov 43 Beaufighter JL643 Sgt Alexander George SUTHERLAND +(412762)
Sgt John JURY+(1072406)
22 FC India Crashed at PARDUPFA village ne ...More
04 Nov 43 Beaufighter VI EL511 Fg Offr Walter ROBERTS +(J/10641)
Flt Lt Thomas Frederick Cecil HICKIE +(123934)
177 SqdnFeni, India Four Beaus ready for sortie. f ...More
08 Nov 43 Beaufighter EL533 F Sgt E T WOOSLEY(R/10128A) 21 FCMauripur, India Crashed on landing. pilot stat ...More
14 Nov 43 Beaufighter VI JL535 Fg Offr John Desmond HASSELL +(119742)
F Sgt Marcel Cabot THOMAS +(1309736)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Target Comms south of ALLANMYO ...More
14 Nov 43 Beaufighter VI JL759 Sgt C JOHNSON
Fg Offr Alexander Moir DINWOODIE(121563)
27 SqdnAgartala, India Straff Padaung Taungup. shot u ...More
18 Nov 43 Beaufighter JL590 Flt Lt Reginald Robert WILLIAMS +(64322)
Fg Offr Kenneth Edward HERBERT +(121565)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Hit by AA near Taungon, burma. ...More
21 Nov 43 Beaufighter X LX908 Sgt William Clive PLUMMER +(1091873)
Sgt William COLLINGWOOD +(1379130)
27 SqdnAgartala, Burma Went down in flames attacking ...More
25 Nov 43 Beaufighter X LX874 Fg Offr Henry William STREET +(111676)
Fg Offr James Lewis William LOGAN +(133059)
177 SqdnFeni, India Shot down while strafing Heho ...More

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