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Date or Year Service Number Crew Name Aircraft Name Aircraft Number Unit / Squadron
1946 : 2 1947 : 9
A total of 11 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
27 Jun 46 Spitfire XIV RM967 WO Anthony James GRAY*(1567857) 17 SqdnMiho, Japan eng fail aircraft abandoned in ...More
12 Dec 46 Spitfire FR XIV NM817 11 SqdnMiho, Japan Undershot landing hit bank Mih ...More
15 Jan 47 Spitfire FR XIV TZ115 --- ---- 11 SqdnMiho, Japan u/c collapsed while being push ...More
21 Jan 47 Spitfire XIV RM981 17 SqdnMiho, Japan wheels up landing Miho Japan C ...More
05 May 47 Spitfire XIV RN181 17 SqdnMiho, Japan Engine cut bellylanded Aragawa ...More
30 May 47 Spitfire FR XIV RN219 Pilot II Edward John KITE* 11 SqdnMiho, Japan Struck ground during mock atta ...More
23 Jul 47 Spitfire XIV RN152 17 SqdnMiho, Japan Japan Bounced on landing swung ...More
24 Jul 47 Spitfire XIV RM985 17 SqdnMiho, Japan Engine cut on overshoot ditche ...More
03 Aug 47 Spitfire XIV RN131 17 SqdnMiho, Japan Overshot landing into canal an ...More
17 Sep 47 Spitfire XIV RN129 17 SqdnMiho, Japan Swung on landing and u/c leg c ...More
19 Sep 47 Spitfire XIV RN128 17 SqdnMiho, Japan eng fire aircraft abandoned cr ...More

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