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Mission 31 August 1944, Île de CezembreHello Dan This link should have all the information you need - [url][/url] Kind regards Pierre ....Read More.Pierre Renier on 3rd March 2017 06:32:56
4 and 6 Group's ORBThe Canadian Archives hold a copy of 6 (RCAF) Group ORB and the link below should lead to 20th April 1944 [url][/url] The website is often very slow but does speed up on some days. The days within the months on this ORB progress forward -> but for some reason the months are in reverse <-. Some pages are unreadable but I can't recall what months they were in. Use the drop down page selector as there are quite a few pages in some months. The last number in the link is the zoom level so change it to 1 to get small pages to open them quicker. Hope this is what you were after. This ORB contains a lot of useful information on some of the less glamorous side, such as water supplies, the moving of Tholthorpe's control tower, runway lighting and so on. ....Read More.PNK on 19th May 2018 02:30:57
Leipzig February 19th February 1944Hi Steve, Link below is to the online Microfilm reel for Bomber Command for the Leipzig raid on 19/02/44 and gives a breakdown by Group of Aircraft and squadrons. Hope this helps, Alan. [url][/url] ....Read More.AL90 on 28th October 2018 04:32:11
Coastal Command Anti-Shipping Patrols, 13-14 January 1945Only information I can find is from an RCAF perspective at the link below for January 1945. 13th January starts at image 634 RCAF Coastal Command Operations- January 1944 [url][/url] Hope this is of interest, Alan. ....Read More.AL90 on 16th November 2018 10:24:05
Bomb Jettison Area, The Wash, 1945As luck would have it this is one of the few occasions where my atrocious record keeping wasn't too bad. It came from the Canadian Air Force Archives online. [url][/url] The quality is very poor and took some fiddling to get it almost readable. There was also one in November 1944 and if you can read the record number in the place column it was 3915. Sadly the site can be very slow at times so I used to regularly bookmark progress so I could continue when things speed up. ....Read More.PNK on 1st March 2019 05:24:03
RCAF Officer's List by marioso98Hi, Thanks to both of you. I have another batch: C43 Henry Willis Hewson On 1 April 1924, with the publication of the first King’s Orders and Regulation for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Flying Officer H. W. Hewson (C 43) returned to Canada and was listed among its original officers at RCAF Station Camp Borden. (p. 9/20): [url][/url] C48 Frank Chipman Higgins [url][/url] C424 Earl Hickson C613 Romeo George Pigeon C1195 John Keith Gibson C1243 Terence O’Neil McInerny Regards Mojmir ....Read More.vrajm on 4th March 2019 02:44:23

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