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Spitfire Vc  JK991 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire Vc  JK991

Vc CBAF M45 38MU 23-.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
02 Apr 44 Spitfire V JK991 73 Sqdn Flt Lt Bennett Winthrop CLARKE + (J/14870) Yugoslavia
RemarksHenk Welting's Database

Casualties in the CWGC Register for Spitfire V JK991

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flight LieutenantBennett Winthrop CLARKE (J/14870) Pilot Spitfire Vc JK991  Forum Post 1944-04-0273 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery

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No.73 SquadronRecent notes that may interest folk: BREMNER, Frank Cecil Born Toronto, 1 December 1921. Enlisted there 20-12-40. No.3 ITS, 22-4-41 to 28-5-41 "Quiet, serious type, always interested in flying. Very patriotic. Father in RAF last war - anxious to serve, young and unexperienced by solid type." No.4 EFTS, 28-5-41 to 15-7-41. Graduated 9 SFTS, Summerside, 25-9-41, 26th in a class of 53. Embarked Canada, 12-11-41 TOS 3 PRC, 23-11-41 TOS 55 OTU, 9-12-41 TOS 4 PRC, 17-3-42 To Middle East, 22 March 1942 TOS Takoradi, 20 April 1942. TOS 94 Squadron, 16 August 1942 Commissioned 11-12-42; F/O 11-6-43; F/L 10-5-44. Attached No.3 RSU, 15 May 1943 TOS No.73 Squadron, 29 May 1943. 18-10-43 - Montecorvino - operational (change of landing ground) - 1710 hours - Spitfire JG953 - 38 hours on type - "I approached the runway with an IAS of 105. When about 40-50 feet and 100 yards short of runway I cut what throttle I had and glided the aircraft; touched down in the tail-up attitude, running approximately half the length of runway before settling in a three point position. I then applied full brake but due to the wet condition of the wire mesh runway they were not fully effective. The aircraft ran off the end of the runway at about 15 mph. I attempted to swing the aircraft to port to avoid a shallow ditch when the starboard oleo leg collapsed, damaging starboard wing." Of this, S/L E.L. Joyce attributed it to: (a) Pilot's refusal to go around again when obviously overshooting sole cause of accident. (b) Pilot had never landed on metal strips before, and found his brakes would not hold, as the strips were wet. Runway 1,160 yards log. (c) Though there is no excuse for the accident I am sorry to see it happen to a pilot of Bremner's caliber. Have grounded Bremner for fourteen days, to become effective when the remainder of the pilots arrive by sea. 28-2-44 - Foggia - 1250 hours - Spitfire JK970 at which time he had 91 hours on type, 571 hours on all. "On return to base from an operational flight over Yugoslavia, there was a ninety-degree cross wind blowing from the west at 18/20 mph. I landed and was traveling down the runway in the three point position when the aircraft struck a wet muddy strip half way down the runway. Owing to the slippery state of the runway, my brakes were practically ineffective and the aircraft started to weather-cock in spite of all efforts to counteract the swing. This resulted in the undercarriage collapsing, causing damage to the starboard mainplane and propellor. I am quite convinced that had the aircraft not struck a wet patch, the accident would not have occurred." Airframe "B", engine "U" No blame attached to him. Runway condition poor given that B-17s had been using it for two weeks. Request made to install an east-west runway. KIA 26-6-44 - One of three Spitfires strafing airfield; not seen after attack (may have made a second or third run) - shot down by flak. Karlovac ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 23rd August 2011 12:22:36

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