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Whitley V  N1476 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Whitley V  N1476


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
20 Jun 40 Whitley V N1476 77 Sqdn North Sea
RemarksTook off 2120 19 June 1940 from Driffield. attacked by a pair of Me109s (one of which was claimed destroyed by the return fire given) and very severely damaged.Henk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation Aircraft AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/781Whitley V N1476Pilot Officer A W Dunn, Pilot Officer C J D Montagu, Sergeant A L Kennedy and Sergeant A Martin: uninjured. Sergeant I M Lucas: injured; Whitley N1476 force landed at RAF Finningley, 5 June 1940.C14502452
AIR81/958Whitley V N1476Sergeant S M Savill and Sergeant J M Dawson: injured; Whitley N1476 in air operations near Schwerte, Germany, 20 June 1940.C14502409

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Aircrew broadcasts on BBC Radio 1940/41Hi Brian A trawl through Chorley BCL Vol 1 has 3 incidents involving a P/O A W Dunn 20/21/May 1940 - N1380 Force landed near Abbeville(Cause not given) Dunn flying as 2nd pilot- the op. was to Cambrai 6/7 June 1940 Flying as Captain on an op to Bapaume. A flare ignited and set fire to the interior of the a/c 1 hr after t/o. The crew could not put out the fire and Dunn ordered them to bale out,all did so safely but AC1 A L Kennedy A/G injured his back.Dunn put the a/c down at Finningly where it burned out 19/20 Jun 1940N1476, on an op to Wanne-Eickel he was attacked by 2 Bf109s and severely damaged. An engine caught fire, it was extinguished and then flared up again and the engine was closed down. Dunn ditched the a/c off Hastings Pier, Sussex with injury to 2 of the crew There must be another incident as Chorley mentions that the ditching was Dunn's 4th crash in 5 weeks of operational flying, but I haven't found it!! Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 6th November 2011 09:47:16
10 O.T.U. Whitley crash before July 1940 P/O Aage Valdemar Helstrup Laursen (42715)Hello I've checked the index of the AIR 81 files already released (index which was provided here, credits to the compilers, more efficient than I was on this), but Laursen doesn't appear. But not all crews are listed, so he might be in one of those. I've not checked the units to which those Whitleys belonged, these being mostly front line Squadrons : AIR 81/156 Pilot Officer R Hall: report of death; Whitley N1352 crashed off the coast of Scotland, 18 April 1940; remainder of crew survived uninjured AIR 81/159 Sergeant R H Burr: slightly injured; Whitley N1387 force landed; crew had abandoned aircraft earlier, 17 April 1940 AIR 81/191 Aircraftman 1st Class A Hepburn: injured. Squadron Leader G P Marvin: injured and subsequently died; Whitley N1406 ran out of fuel and was abandoned, 3 May 1940 AIR 81/460 Aircraftman 1st Class J P Atkinson: injured; gunshot wound; Whitley P4960, 22 May 1940 AIR 81/958 Sergeant S M Savill and Sergeant J M Dawson: injured; Whitley N1476 in air operations near Schwerte, Germany, 20 June 1940 AIR 81/1007 Pilot Officer H M Selwyn: missing believed prisoner of war; bailed out of Whitley P4972 after being damaged by enemy action over North West Germany, 3 July 1940 Just my two pence worth, accessing the ORB of No. 10 O.T.U. would be the quickest way to find, surely. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 23rd June 2015 06:30:18
Whitley N1476, 77 Squadron, June 1940 - individual code letter?Hello again everyone I've another request for an aircraft code letter, if anyone can help at all. On June 19/20 1940, Whitley N1476 of 77 Sqn was damaged by flak, and then attacked by a Bf-109 on an Op to Wanne-Eickel. The Whitley made it back as far as Hastings, where the pilot, P/O Andrew Woodrow Dunn, managed to ditch the damaged aircraft, and all the crew were rescued. Of the five crew, three received the DFC, and the other two the DFM, Gazetted on July 12th 1940: [I]Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross[/I] [I]Pilot Officer Andrew Woodrow DUNN (41685)[/I] [I]Pilot Officer Charles Drogo MONTAGU (41863)[/I] [I]Pilot Officer Leslie Walter James WATT (76929)[/I] [I]Awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal[/I] [I]568997 Sergeant Joseph Mitchell DAWSON[/I] [I]581475 Acting Sergeant Bernard Leonard SAVILL[/I] Bill Chorley in his revised BCL 1939-1940, Edition 2, refers to a report made by Dunn. I wondered if this was a Combat Report, but can't find anything on the National Archives website, nor in the 77 Squadron ORB or Appendices. Can anyone help with the Whitey's code letter at this time? Many thanks Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 26th February 2016 02:40:19
Y0016 - Whitley V - 77 Sqdn - "KN" - 06/07-06-1940Alex, According to the ORB, it was on the 5/6th June that Kennedy was injured and admitted to hospital. Ops planned for 6/7th cancelled due to E/A active in vicinity of aerodrome. The aircraft was N1476 on on 5/6th, and it was completely burnt out after P/O Dunn (not Dunk) brought it down at Finningley after directing the crew to bale out. Kennedy was also admitted to hospital on 10th June with a back injury following the crash landing. ....Read More.AlanW on 2nd June 2017 06:46:57
AW Whitley anomaliesNot Dunn, F1180 has N1476 filed 5/6/40 and AIR81 released since publication of Chorley confirms F1180 [url][/url] Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 1st July 2022 12:59:55
AW Whitley anomaliesThanks Ross, N1476 is said to have ditched off Hastings Pier two weeks later (20.6).........does this mean it was rapidly repaired or is the Hastings I/d suspect ? cheers Peter ....Read More.PeterColwill on 1st July 2022 01:09:41

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