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Whirlwind I  P6991 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Whirlwind I  P6991


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
09 Feb 43 Whirlwind I P6991 263 Sqdn Sgt John Gray MACAULEY (1113286)Warmwell UK
RemarksLost power on t/o from base, hit trees and force-landed 2 miles WestAir Britain (Researchers Corner)

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263 Squadron individual id lettersHi, Can anyone add to my list of serials/individual aircraft letters for 263 Squadrons Gladiators, Hurricanes, Whirlwinds and Typhoons? Gladiator: N5579/D, N5908/F, N5633/K Hurricane: V6703/A, N2349/V Whirlwind: P7043/A, P7061/A, P6992/C, P7117/E, P7116/F, P6968/H, P6983/H, P6984/H, P7011/H, P6984/J, P6985/J, P6989/J, P7116/J, P6887/L, P7062/L, P7102/N, P6991/R, P6993/S, P7014/T, P7094/T, P6969/V, P6976/X, P6974/Z Typhoon: JR382/A, MN187/A, EK211/B, MN769/B, SW419/C, JR442/D, MN476/E, JR532/H, PD550/H, MN883/J, MN738/K, MN250/M, RB300/M, JR253/N, MN404/O, JR365/P, MN139/R, MN295/S, MN515/S, RB305/S, MN407/T, MN477/T, RB923/U, RB926/U, RB927/V, JR531/V, RB604/W, JR446/X, MN527/X, MM989/Y, MN261/Y, MN407/Y, MN292/Z Any help appreciated. Regards, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 14th November 2007 08:05:33
Pilot detailsAlex This is only a partial answer as I only have a fraction of my files on this laptop, so may have more when I get back to the UK: Robert Beaumont: Can't help with a precise date of arrival, but he flew his first Whirlwind solo on 30/03/43 as a Sgt Pilot. I'd have expected his arrival on the squadron to have been no more than a month before that. Lawson. The ORB indeed records the arrival of a Sgt C Lawson on 19/02/41. However the F1180 for an incident to P6991 on 23/3/41 gives what I read as Sgt GL Lawton (925311) as the pilot. The handwriting is lousy and F1180s are by no means immune to error. In my view the only real candidate for this man is 920311 Graham Lewis Lawson. (Not to be confused with JC Lawton who served briefly with the squadron Sept-Oct '41 when it was acting as a sort of OTU for 137 Sqn) Lee-White: In from 59OTU 13/10/42. Temporarily posted out to HQ Fighter Command Feb 43 to act as liaison officer at Goxhill with USAAC (One of whose P47s he managed to crash). Posted out of 263, tour expired, 29/06/43 to AFDU. Don Lintern: Are you sure about 25/01/41 for his date posted in? 263 ORB has: 11/03/41: PO DW Lintern in from 55(?) OTU 06/04/41 PO Lintern and Sgt Sainsbury ordered to report at Uxbridge by 1800 hrs, Non Possunt. 26/04/41: PO Lintern posted to 504 (?) There should be more on this man in "Hurricanes over Malta" and "Malta: The Hurricane Years". Lilleystone: I have him joining the squadron from 1 TEU in late October '43 (along with Gerry Racine) MacFadgen: ORB records: Sgt Pilot RA McFadgen (RCAF) posted in from 51 OTU 28/12/41 and SgtPilot MacFadgen posted out to No 1 RAF Depot Uxbridge 10/05/42. My own view is that this is actually Robert John McFadden (J.7551) Jack Maddocks: In from 56 OTU 1/7/41, out to 137 8/10/41 Hope this helps Niall ....Read More.NiallC on 3rd March 2008 11:03:29
S/L R B Skellon 137527Roy, You might also be interested in the following, from 263 And 137 Squadrons The Whirlwind Years: 263 Sqn. February 1941. There were several accidents during February the most spectacular of which involved Sgt Skellon. He damaged the tail unit of P6991* [sic] in a heavy landing (on 4 February 1941), then, on the 15th he took P6976 on a cross-country exercise but ran out of fuel. Although he made a creditable force-landing in a field at Cannington near Bridgwater, Somerset, both accidents were blamed on his inexperience on type. (p.32), (photo of Skellon, and the pranged P6976, on p.34**). Pilots of 263 & 137 SKELLON Robert Burton. Nationality:British. S/n: 987895. Rank: Sergeant. Squadron: 263. Flight: A. In: 25 January 1941 from 56 OTU. First Whirlwind Op: Not operational. Out: 19 May 1941 to 2 Delivery Flight. Hours: 7:00. Remarks: Born on 22 March 1920 in Cardiff. On 15 February 1941 he ran out of fuel on a cross-country exercise and crash-landed P6976 HE-X near Cannington, Bridgwater. Posted as not suitable for Whirlwinds, he later flew Air Sea Rescue Lysanders and survived one more crash before he left the RAF as a Flight Lieutenant on medical grounds on 24 April 1945. He passed away in 1973.(pp.259-60). * Should read P6971. ** Interestingly, the photo of Skellon was provided by, Dorothy Skellon (a relative) - Dorothy Skellon archives. See: 263 And 137 Squadrons The Whirlwind Years. Bowater,Robert. N.p.:Fonthill,2013. pp.31, 32, 34, 42, 259-60, 318 & 328. HNY. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 27th December 2019 03:36:11
Aircraft Losses Database CorrectionsOur current entry for Whirlwind P6991 shows it as crashing on 9 Jan 43. The correct date was 9 Feb 43. Entry amended: [url][/url] ....Read More.Andy Marden on 10th September 2023 07:04:28

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