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Consolidated 28-5  P9630 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Consolidated 28-5  P9630


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
10 Feb 40 Consul 28-5 P9630 MAEE UK
RemarksDumbartonAir Britain (Researchers Corner)
02 Oct 40 Consol 28-5 P9630 MAEE UK
RemarksDumbartonAir Britain (Researchers Corner)

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401002 - Unaccounted airmen - 2-10-1940What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for: F/Lt Robert W. AMMON - 903870 - died of wounds or injuries received on active service; Cpl Eric G. CLARK - 616627 - 144 Sqn (Hemswell, Lincs.) - not found Flight archives; Cpl Basil J. JOHNSON - 550877 - died of wounds or injuries received on active service, and F/Lt (Pilot) Roger M.G. ZAMBRA - 25127 - killed on active service. Proposed aircraft losses for this day: Consol 28-5 - P9630 - MAEE - crashed on landing Dumbarton. Harvard I - N7166 - 15 FTS - crashed on approach Chipping Norton. Master I - N7749 - CFS - dived into ground at night 1 mile N of Shrewton LG. Tiger Moth II - T5689 - 7 EFTS - crashed on approach Desford. Regards and thanks in adavance for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 7th April 2008 11:32:37
First Catalina to see action in WW2The first Catalina to take part in WW11 was P9630 i.e. The Iceland incident on September 26, 1939. Any details please of its operational service before returning to RAF Helensburgh, MAEE. Request made re my research into the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment. robin bird ....Read More.robin bird on 23rd August 2017 02:18:53
First Catalina to see action in WW2thank you Peter. I know that Dennis Briggs was aboard P9630 when it sank on February 10, 1940. Others who flew in P9630 included Air Commodore Bromet, Sqd Ldr Chaplin (of the Wellington bomber mine finder fame?) Sqd Ldr Knyvett, Sqd Ldr Riley, Flt Lt Isacke. Any poss id and info on these chaps would be appreciated robin ....Read More.robin bird on 24th August 2017 01:27:03
First Catalina to see action in WW2Robin, In case it's of value, P9630 was ferried Botwood, Newfoundland - Wig Bay, Stranraer - Felixstowe on July 13, 1939, by the crew of Capt. R Rogers, Capt. Yancey, Radio Operator R A Booth and Flight engineer D Brown. Looking further, P9630 was apparently a singleton order of a Model 28-5 commercial version of the Catalina. (Arthur Pearcy: Lend-Lease Aircraft in World War Two). A photo in basic RAF markings shows it marked 'N P9630'. Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 24th August 2017 11:47:20
Catalina P9630 againTo avoid hi-jacking Robin's earlier thread, Arthur Pearcy also states that Catalina P9630 was nicknamed [I]Guba[/I] following previous civilian service in New Guinea. But my transatlantic ferry listing indicates that they were two different aircraft, with the former [I]Guba[/I], ex NC777, being ferried to the UK in October 1940 and becoming 'AM258'... except that this was a Ferry Service Liberator I serial! Can anyone untangle this? Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 25th August 2017 12:10:42
First Catalina to see action in WW2Robin, Updating, Phil Butler states in Air Arsenal North America that P9630 was a Model 28-[U]4[/U]. A photo taken after the accident at Dumbarton shows she was coded 'F' and also had a two-digit code high on the rudder, partially obscured by the tailplane in the photo. Looks like a '1' followed by a digit with a rounded top. Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 25th August 2017 02:00:49
First Catalina to see action in WW2[QUOTE=robstitt;128081]Robin, Updating, Phil Butler states in Air Arsenal North America that P9630 was a Model 28-[U]4[/U]. A photo taken after the accident at Dumbarton shows she was coded 'F' and also had a two-digit code high on the rudder, partially obscured by the tailplane in the photo. Looks like a '1' followed by a digit with a rounded top. Robert[/QUOTE] Hi William Wagner, the doyen of all things American at that time, says in his book on Reuben Fleet that P9630 was essentially a PBY-4 and should logically have been Model 28-4. However as a one off Air Ministry order it was designated Model 28-5. He also has a photo of P9630 under test in what could be an overall grey finish, but more likely from the standard USN wing walk and float markings, overall aluminium as USN PBY s on the production line. Red, white, blue roundels and NP9630 on rear fuselage. Roscoe creed in his book on the PBY says it was delivered in standard "pre war coastal command colours", so is this the scheme P9630 arrived at Felixstowe in? He also says that for test flights and the Atlantic delivery with an American civil crew the American CAA allocated the civil registration NP9630 which as the photo proves was painted on the hull. He also calls it a Model 28-5. Sorry Robin, getting off subject. Could the Sqn Ldr Riley you mention have been Ryley ? regards Peter ....Read More.PeterColwill on 25th August 2017 12:30:56
Closed AIR 81 Files ListHere are list of all the Closed Files, in reverse order of them being opened on current schedule A Freedom Of Information FOI request at Kew may bet them reviewed and opened earlier I think most of the long tail dates are due to someone asking for info in file (via a letter to AHB) and this causing the 80 Years (to be reset) assuming the person making the request was 20 (20+80 = 100) Usually a polite request in the FOI that any personal data since 1939/1940/1941 etc can be redacted is worth it - And if you can also provide evidence of who people are involved - including ref to CWG that helps As you can see the longest is 2095 - So I assume this was looked at by a request in 2015 - Maybe a letter with a name or address etc - All of which can be redacted If you go to the AIR link there is a button to link you to the FOI Page Kind Regards Paul Citable Reference Description Opening Date AIR 81/2138 Flight Lieutenant S I Dodds, Pilot Officer B S Booth, Leading Aircraftman A H Gumbleton, Leading Aircraftman N E Jacobs: missing believed killed; shot down, enemy action, Anson OYG, 48 Squadron, 20 May 1940. 01/01/2095 AIR 81/2092/1 Closed extracts: 10 pages 01/01/2095 AIR 81/2090 Flying Officer P A Hawks, Sergeant F J J Evans, Aircraftman C G Shaw: missing believed killed; near Vrigne-aux-Bois, France, Blenheim P6926, 59 Squadron, 14 May 1940. 01/01/2095 AIR 81/2076 Sergeant I L Thomas, Sergeant V Spurr, Leading Aircraftman H Bridson: killed; failed to return from operational flight over Holland, Blenheim L8831, 40 Squadron, 10 May 1940. 01/01/2094 AIR 81/1935 Flying Officer P F Templeman: died of wounds; Sergeant D W Wilson: killed; Sergeant K R Say, Aircraftman J A Burke, Leading Aircraftman E Lawson, Leading Aircraftman J R Clark: prisoners of war; shot down by anti-aircraft fire, Wellington P2515, 37 Squadron, 24 March 1940. 01/01/2093 AIR 81/3172 Flying Officer A W L Cobbe, Pilot Officer H M Christopher, Sergeant W H Cassells: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim 3915, 82 Squadron, 8 September 1940. 01/01/2091 AIR 81/2408/1 Closed extracts: 6 pages 01/01/2090 AIR 81/1803 Flying Officer J R Garrett: injured; Sergeant H C Moorby: killed; Leading Aircraftman T C McClure, Aircraftman R Beattie: uninjured; aircraft accident, Prestatyn, 502 Squadron, 19 January 1940. 01/01/2088 AIR 81/2404 Leading Aircraftman M H Winship: killed; Pilot Officer T A Grundy, Sergeant J G Cowlishaw, Leading Aircraftman P D Snowden, Leading Aircraftman T Murray: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Tobruk, Bombay L5848, 216 Squadron, 15 July 1940. 01/01/2087 AIR 81/2750 Sergeant R S Hartnell, Sergeant E R Eastoe, Sergeant H G Ives, Sergeant F C E Gates: killed; Sergeant C A V Attwood, Sergeant E J Stephens, Sergeant R T Richardson, Sergeant E G Turner: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Isle of Man, Wellington N2945, 11 Operational Training Unit, 24 August 1940. 01/01/2086 AIR 81/2303 ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 8th July 2020 04:03:23
Briggs before Bismarck?Thank you Simon. Any idea with whom he was serving in 1940 when Britain's only Catalina P9630 crashed in Scotland, Rhu? ....Read More.robin bird on 2nd November 2020 05:26:32
Briggs before Bismarck?Robin, Have you not seen Andrew Hendrie's, Flying Cats? Hendrie gives a lengthy description of Briggs' early career, and mentions the following, in relation to P9630: Dennis Briggs' last trip in P9630 was on 10 February 1940, a flight from Rhu to Dumbarton. The Catalina was captained by Flt Lt Butler and in addition to Briggs, in the crew of six were Sqn Ldr Knyvett and Mr Drake. After a flight of 15 minutes the aircraft crashed on landing and sank (p.21). Hendrie had access to Briggs' log books, and many of the quotes in the book stem from this source. Simon, The episode with the "Kurriers" took place in 1942, not 1943: Dennis 'Bismarck' Briggs second flying log book has a terse remark against an entry for 4 March 1942 - 'Intercept two Fw 200s and had combat, slight damage to Cat. E/A abandoned attack'. He was then on a convoy escort in (No.202 Sqn.), FP172. While with the convoy he became aware of one enemy 'Kondor' about to attack the ships. He immediately headed his Catalina to place it between the convoy and the hostile aircraft. He then noticed a second 'Kondor' in the vicinity. Despite the odds against him, Briggs much to the chagrin of another pilot with him, was fully prepared to attack the enemy aircraft and was successful in driving them off. He returned to base after a flight lasting 18 hours (p.60). See: Flying Cats The Catalina Aircraft in World War II. Hendrie,Andrew. Shrewsbury:Airlife Publishing,1088. pp.21 & 60. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 2nd November 2020 10:05:28
Briggs before Bismarck?Thank you Simon, we nearly have Briggs at Rhu, Helensburgh, before boarding Catalina P9630 on its last flight on February 10, 1940. Thank you everyone for your feedback on behalf of Helensburgh Heritage Trust. Briggs was probably joining his squadron but why in P9630 not the establishment's Walrus? Why was Vincent Drake with him, he was resident at RAF Helensburgh? Were Sqd Ldr Kynvett and P9630 pilot Flt. Lt Butler attached to 202Sqd? I have been over to Lough Erne, Castle Archdale and Bundoran as part of my research. RAF Helensburgh was all over the place in 1940 as MAEE moved there from Felixstowe. It was changing links with Coastal Command from No 16 to No 18 group before being supervised by the Ministry of Aircraft production.In 1940. It had aircraft at Stranraer, used facilities at Dumbarton and was still moving stuff up from Felixstowe by road. Amid this organised chaos Briggs boarded P9630, maybe the RAF Museum will have the answer in Brigg's log? One other thing, if Briggs and been killed, or seriously injured in this crash, would have Bismarck not have been sighted by Briggs and escaped. Thanks again everyone.. ....Read More.robin bird on 3rd November 2020 10:15:50
First Catalina to see action in WW2Flt Butler and Sqd Ldr Knyvett were in Britain's only Catalina P9630 when it crashed at Rhu 10/2/40. Dennis Briggs too. Info is wanted on Butler and Knyett please ....Read More.robin bird on 15th February 2021 11:12:45
First Catalina to see action in WW2As a small aside, the headline type for P9630 in the serials db needs amending: [url][/url] ....Read More.Andy Marden on 16th February 2021 02:30:57
Aircraft Losses Database CorrectionsP9630: [url][/url] was a Consolidated 28-5, not a Cierva. [B]Date of Crash[/B] 10 Feb 40 02 Oct 40 The date of its loss was 10 Feb 40. I presume this has occurred due to different interpretations of the date 10-2-40 ....Read More.Andy Marden on 14th November 2021 04:28:25
RAF Casualty Packs 1939-45 Public Access121 previously closed files Opened automatically on 1st Jan 2023 Consisting 8 Multiple Files (previously closed and now opened and re-united with their Parent) [I]Citable Reference Description[/I] AIR 81/4402/1 Closed extracts: 19 pages. - Sergeant J B White: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire P7593, 4 Ferry Pool, 17 November 1940 AIR 81/1663/2 Closed extracts: 2 pages. - Pilot Officer K C H Jacobs: killed; Blenheim L1275, 108 Squadron; aircraft accident, 16 November 1939 AIR 81/1842/1 Closed extracts: 3 pages. - Flight Sergeant W C Parkes, Leading Aircraftman A R Sutcliffe, Leading Aircraftman F A Webster, Aircraftman W Ledsham: killed; Anson N5086, School of Air Navigation, Rhossili, 23 February 1940 AIR 81/2019/1 Closed extract: 1 page. - Pilot Officer R F Inness: injured; aircraft accident, Acklington, Spitfire K9902, 152 Squadron, 20 April 1940 AIR 81/1924/1 Closed extract: 1 page. - Sergeant H Phillips, Aircraftman F Prosser: killed; aircraft accident, Kirkbymoorside, Blenheim L1117, 219 Squadron, 21 March 1940 AIR 81/1794/1 Closed extracts: 2 pages. - Pilot Officer D J Bain: injured; Sergeant W S Herring, Aircraftman D J Drake, Flying Officer C S H Richardson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Castle Cary, Anson K8819, School of Navigation, 16 January 1940 AIR 81/1880/2 Closed extracts: 3 pages. - Sergeant L Broughton: killed; aircraft accident, Ingoldisthorpe, Hurricane N2539, 213 Squadron, 5 March 1940 AIR 81/1764/1 Closed extract: 1 page. - Pilot Officer H M McGregor, Sergeant R T Bailey, Sergeant T O Denis: killed; Corporal P E A Brightmore: injured; aircraft accident, Hampden P1260, 7 Squadron, 1 January 1940 [B]113 Files That were previously closed and opened automatically Citable Reference Description[/B] AIR 81/1753 Leading Aircraftman E Enticknap: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth K27, Kenya Auxiliary Air Unit, 23 December 1939. Note: With photographs AIR 81/1729 Leading Aircraftman J R Irvine: injured; Rapide G-AFMA, 7 Air Observer Navigation School; aircraft accident, Aboyne, 7 December 1939. AIR 81/1671 Flight Lieutenant K Maconochie, Pilot Officer D R G Paterson: killed; Harrow K6939, 9 Air Observer School; aircraft accident, 19 November 1939. AIR 81/1942 Flying Officer T E Sanders: injured; aircraft accident, Aberdaron Bay, Anson N5056, School of Air Navigation, 26 March 1940. AIR 81/1607 Sergeant C Morgan: injured; Lysander L6862, Group Reserve Air Component Force; aircraft accident, 27 October 1939. AIR 81/1759 Leading Aircraftman D A Arnold: injured; ground accident, Tiger Moth N9156, 81 Squadron, 17 December 1939. AIR 81/1726 Pilot Officer C D Stevens: killed; Hampden P1267, 76 Squadron; aircraft accident, Princes Risborough, 11 December 1939. AIR 81/2042 Sergeant B J Spencer: killed; aircraft accident, Three Bridges, Hurricane L1709, 79 Squadron, 26 April 1940. AIR 81/1801 Sergeant H R Waterson, Corporal G Cann: uninjured; Lieutenant Y Warrington Smythe (Royal Indi ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 3rd January 2023 09:54:23
RAF Casualty Packs 1939-45 Public AccessAnother 5 Opened AIR 81/1700 Pilot Officer J Musgrave, Squadron Leader N Hope, Sergeant L Thom, Aircraftman D J O'Regan: killed; Hampden L4203, 185 Squadron; aircraft accident, High Wycombe, 30 November 1939 AIR 81/1745 Pilot Officer F A Connolly: killed; Leading Aircraftman F G Powell, Leading Aircraftman N Burrows, Aircraftman J Forrest, Aircraftman W P Hedley: injured; Valentia K2799, 70 Squadron, 19 December 1939 AIR 81/1763 Pilot Officer E A C Hill: killed; aircraft accident, Hampden L4205, 185 Squadron, 1 January 1940 AIR 81/1786 Flying Officer J R Irving-Bell: injured; Sergeant B Currie: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford N6263, 5 Service Flying Training School, 11 January 1940 AIR 81/1793 Flight Sergeant T D Dixon, Pilot Officer J A Littlewood: killed; aircraft accident, Broad Hinton, Oxford L4564, 3 Service Flying Training School, 16 January 1940 25 July 2023 Originally 01/01/2023 Another 7 are in the process of being reviewed And MG of this site has discovered an Issue with the 77 1st Jan 2023 Auto Opening AIR 81 Files - [B]They were not Auto Opened[/B] as MoD need to clear the files again to be released in 2022 and they didn't - =- so still Closed - though they are allegedly being reviewed now The list affected is AIR 81/1766 Flying Officer E C Lenton, Corporal T Fletcher: injured; aircraft accident, Hind K6639, 10 Flying Training School, 2 January 1940. AIR 81/1768 "Corporal H C Moorby: injured; aircraft accident, Anson N5234, 502 Squadron, 3 January 1940. Note: With photograph" AIR 81/1770 "Pilot Officer R G A Barritt, Corporal R Wilson: died of injuries; Aircraftman A A Wilson: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1466, 23 Squadron, 4 January 1940. Note: With plan" AIR 81/1771 Pilot Officer A P Davis, Sergeant J Gosling, Aircraftman E Pearce, Corporal E Graham: injured; aircraft accident, Hudson N7250, 224 Squadron, 5 January 1940. AIR 81/1773 Sergeant H L Broughton: injured; Pilot Officer H F Mitchinson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1214, 108 Squadron, 7 January 1940. AIR 81/1775 Pilot Officer A H Maguire: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane L2074, 11 Group Pool, Nantymoel, 7 January 1940. AIR 81/1777 Leading Aircraftman J A G Chomley: injured; aircraft accident, Hind K5408, RAF College Flying Training School, 4 January 1940. AIR 81/1782 Sergeant T A Kerr: missing; aircraft accident, Audax K5151, 5 Flying Training School, 8 January 1940. AIR 81/1783 "Pilot Officer R Coe: killed; aircraft accident, Warrington, Hurricane N2341, 242 Squadron, 10 January 1940. Note: With plan" AIR 81/1787 Sergeant J W H Burton: injured; aircraft accident, Elmdon Airport, Tiger Moth L6929, 14 Elementary Training Flying School, 11 January 1940. AIR 81/1788 Aircraftman J D Miners: injured; ground accident, Upavon, Oxford P6813, Central Flying School, 11 January 1940. AIR 81/1789 Pilot Officer L A Clark: injured; aircraft accident, South Cerney, Oxford L4638, 3 Service Flying Training Squadron, 12 January 1940. AIR 81/1790 Pilot ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 28th July 2023 04:12:13

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