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615 Sqn, Feb 15th, 1941 help requestHello, Correct spelling is Jocelyn MILLARD (same first name as mine, the reason why I clearly remember it). I exchanged a couple of letters with him years ago. In the Squadron ORB, the morning mission is described as a "mosquito". There were three pilots involved, who took off at 1030 : F/O STEWART in P1321, Sgt WAGHORN in V3716, Sgt FOTHERINGHAM in V7651. WAGHORN forced-landed and the other two were missing. 8 pilots took off at 1040 for a patrol over Maidstone at 15 000 ft. They landed at 12:15 and 12:30. The afternoon mission is described as a patrol, not a Rhubarb. Carried out by seven pilots, over Tenterden at 15 000 ft. MILLARD was flying P2754. W/C HOLMWOOD flew both patrols, both in V7119. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 19th October 2010 11:03:36

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